Is your WordPress Website loading Slow? Lets Improve!

In today’s fast-pace world, slow websites are definitely an obnoxious proposition for most website owners. Visitors may start avoiding a slow website and it may affect the search engine ranking of a website at the same time. If you own a WordPress Website and your website is loading slower, you need to first understand the factors that determine the webpage loading speed. Since WordPress Websites are becoming more popular for their helpful plugin architecture, one also needs to optimize the speed besides updating the content on a regular basis.


Here are a few simple tips that will help optimize the loading speed of a WordPress Website:

Choosing the Best WordPress Theme: One needs to choose a WordPress Theme that is not bulky. A theme of a few megabytes may need just a few seconds to load on a device. Thus, one needs to see that the design should not have images throughout the webpage. Moreover, codes should be written properly. One should focus on choosing an optimized WordPress Theme that can load uniformly on PCs, tablets and also on all mobile devices.

Plugins that are Useful: Plugins are an important reason behind the growing popularity of WordPress Websites. However, one should avoid installing unnecessary plugins. Many plugins may interfere with the server request and may slow down the loading process.

Compression of Files: Reducing the file size can make a website load faster on a browser. One can consolidate CSS and JavaScripts and can compress images. File consolidation reduces the number of HTTP requests and limits the file to be downloaded. This can help in increasing the loading speed in a significant manner.

Page Caching: WordPress Websites are remarkable for their efficient CMS and they are visited regularly for their updated content delivery. Caching helps the content to make available locally. One can use a cache plugin to create static content that a visitor can access instantly. This allows a website to load faster and at the same time, it reduces the loading time on the server.

Gzip Compression: It is always sensible to compress the website at the server itself before delivering it to the user’s browser. The Gzip helps achieve this purpose and enables compressions on the servers to decrease the page size of a website.

Choosing a Content Delivery Network (CDN): A content delivery network is a system of high-performance servers all across the world that delivers content to the visitors from the closest POP. The CDN technically brings visitors closer to the datacenter where files and data are stored. It distributes files to the datacenters all across the globe and it is possible that a visitor can access the files from a datacenter that is located closest to him or her. This dramatically speeds up the content delivery.

Choosing the most suitable hosting partner often proves to be a daunting task. However, one needs to choose a hosting company that offers WordPress hosting services specifically. You need to focus on a hosting provider that can provide you with unlimited RAM with a faster response time. The server should not take an extra long time to process HTTP requests to deliver the webpage to an audience in a sluggish manner.

Optimizing speed of a WordPress website could be a simple task, if someone starts planning it from the very beginning of web designing. For example, dedicating a little time to find performance-oriented plugins could be a sensible approach rather than installing plugins that keep processing persistently in the backend. By adopting some good practices, one can easily enhance the performance and speed of a WordPress website.


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