Top 10 mobile technology trends to witness in 2015

The popularity of internet and technology has shifted from the hefty devices like Laptop and PC’s to mobiles, tablets and smartphones. This rule was uprooted as Smartphones and tablets can be used by anyone, anywhere and anytime. This has made them the requirement for the IT organizations to have a strong presence in these small gadgets as well. As we are at the tail of 2014, Mobile technology trends to witness in 2015 is an important topic to discuss now.


It is expected that the Smartphone users will reach the number to 4.77 billion in the year of 2015. Moreover 83% of them will be regular internet user through their phone. So this emerging use of Smartphones have given a flight to the IT organizations for gearing up with maximum number of software’s and apps. This app evolution have made the life of users much easier and entertaining. The trend of developing something useful, efficient and interesting apps has become much faster. In 2015 you are going to witness some mobile technology trends which are:-

1. Apps for every task-

Yes. There will be more and more apps in 2015 than you can ever imagine. It is because every company want to know about the interest and requirements of their customers. App is the best medium for connecting marketer with their users because it gives proper information about users requirements. This changes according to the Age, gender, Country, Occupation etc. That is why the App development companies have covered larger area and developed apps for health, movies, news, spiritual, language, games, food, education, books, cartoons etc

2. HTML5 will be the best platform for mobile development-

After using iOS, Android and other operating systems in smartphones most of the developers are looking for a platform which will be more user friendly and will help for escalating the cross platform options which they possess. HTML6 is going to be releases very soon and HTML5 will earn more popularity of being a dedicated platform for mobile development.

3. Mobile payment to go much safer and bigger-

For the user’s requirement E-Commerce portals gave them the opportunity to buy commodities from house. But everyone is concerned about the payment process. There are 5-7% people who still use E-Commerce portals but still afraid of its transaction process. But now a day’s shopping can be done from the mobiles itself. Mobile payments will go much easier and safer in 2015. Already the launch of ‘Apple pay’ has increased the data security and it is said to be the safest platform because of its tokenization process rather than inputting the card details while shopping.

4. Advanced mobile for user experience design-

Some new methodologies and concepts are implemented on developing the apps and interfaces which will b triggered according to the users experience. Some of them are playful interfaces, quiet designs etc. There are many such apps developed which can accommodate some mobile challenges such as Noise, interruption etc. In this way companies are creating new apps and software which includes these ‘Wow’ factors to attract the market towards themselves.

5. Location sensors with high precision-

More advanced use of geometric, Wi-Fi, ultrasonic beacons and imaging will be enabled in 2015 which will deliver high relevant contextual information and services. Statistical analysis defines that there will be high increase in the use of wireless beacons with the Bluetooth smart standards.

6. More recognition and popularity of Chat and messaging application-

Some Chat and messaging applications like WhatsApp have already got a good feedback from the users. The founder of this App have announced that they will be launching some extra features in 2015 which will enable the users for calling.

7. Thumb impression and retina scanners security checks in smartphones-

Remembering the alphanumeric passwords has become a hectic task for users. Many people closes their accounts in different social networking websites for this reason. After the launch of Apple’s thumb impression feature for unlocking the phone, Samsung has joined in this competition with some of Clandestine predictions about the Thumb impressions and retina scanning procedure which is expected to be used in Samsung Note4.

8. Change in the standards of Wi-Fi-

Some new WiFi standards such as 802.11c and 11a versions will increase the efficiency of WiFi performance. There will be many new Wi-Fi enabled devices will appear in organizations. It will be for some reasons like denser demand in location sensing access point placement and popularity of cellular offloading.

9. Smart Objects will be connected-

All the smart objects in any specific area can be connected using a remote. Moreover, each and every domestic article will be a smart object which will be a part of internet and can communicate via smartphone or a tablet.

10. Addition of Metrics and monitoring tools-

Metrics and addition of monitoring tools will help for monitoring the application as there is a huge problem in determining the nature of mobile networks and cloud services. Application process monitoring or APM will be providing the metrics to understand and calculate the behavior. Also, it will be used to determine which app feature is being exploited the most.

So it will be exciting to see the market when these trends will be hitting. I am waiting to see which mobile technology trends will stay and which will leave the market without any mark in 2015.


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