Why Visual Studio is More Suitable for Cross-Platform Mobile Developments

Today, a wide variety of mobile devices are available in the market, which run on different platforms and developers often face the challenge of building applications and solutions that are cross-platform compatible. Developers who want to create games and apps for multiple mobile platforms can now take the help of Visual Studio, for feature-rich and cost-effective developments.


Visual Studio 2013 is now available with Update 2, bringing new features and tools to facilitate developments for the Windows Phone 8.1. One can now carry on developments for the Universal Windows Apps. So, whether you prefer using .Net, C++ or JavaScript, Visual Studio can provide you with the capability of multi-platform or multi-device application development.

So, how exactly Visual Studio is fueling the mobile application development?
Partnership with Xamarin

With the additional capabilities of Xamarin, Visual Studio developers can now focus on more interactive developments encompassing more devices running on Android and iOS platforms. And by adding the productive features of C#, a developer can build native apps to be run on a particular device. The ability to share codes and libraries between the applications that run on Android, iOS and Windows devices encourages feature-rich cross-platform developments.

Integration with Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova allows developers to bank on the functions and features of a mobile device to create native apps. This open source platform allows developers to use a set of APIs for different devices. Using JavaScript and CSS, Visual Studio developers can create a Smartphone app with UI frameworks, including JQuery and Dojo Mobile.

Visual Studio developers can now also enjoy the tooling support while developing applications using Apache Cordova. It brings in new possibilities for the developers, and now they can build hybrid apps that can efficiently run on Android, iOS, Windows and other mobile platforms. A single app based on HTML and JavaScript can be extended to a range of devices. There could be several types of advantages that the developers can enjoy while using Apache Cordova along with Visual Studio.

Benefits of Visual Studio plus Apache Cordova

  1. Using HTML and JavaScript, developers can now create hybrid apps for a range of devices and at the same time can take advantage of the functions of each of the devices.

  2. The supporting tools can be used intelligently for end-to-end cross-platform mobile developments for applications running on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

  3. Developers can start with a blank Cordova project with project templates that exist both in JavaScript as well as TypeScript. A developer can be free to choose a suitable HTML or JavaScript framework, from Backbone and jQuery or WinJS or any other.

  4. Applications can not only developed and deployed on a range of mobile devices, but they can be debugged as well, when needed. Applications can also run on mobile emulators and web-based simulators. A developer can use the Apache Ripple Simulator for testing an application on multiple emulators.

  5. Using Visual Studio, you can create apps for the Mac platform as well. All you need to do is to install vsmda-remote NPM package for Mac. You can even deploy an app to a device via iTunes.

Thus, Visual Studio is suitable for cross-platform mobile application developments and you can rely on this Microsoft Open Technology for your game or app development.


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