Useful Tips for Android Developers to Enhance and Rule the Process

Android apps have become rather popular amongst the users. Additional to providing the entertainment with fun as well, these have contributed to the growth of a sudden and exploding business productivity and management. There is no wonder about it that such a widespread demand for the development of Android apps is inevitable. And the discussion shall lay down the important points that, if taken care during development shall only help.

1. Have a Plan Ready with You, Always

Without an idea or a plan is like living life without a purpose which for most of the time ends in a null or a void. Similarly, a well defined plan would do best for acting as the focus that would guide you into making the appropriate application. Most developers make a mistake that the pre-guided notion of ruling the entire process and getting started. When you have a specific purpose or idea, it is always easy to work out the specific requirements that govern that project. Although the absence of an idea could work well for you for a while, but taking blind shots is purely based on randomization and is definitely enough, not a good idea. You can start learning the process of android development through drafting skeletal structures on pieces of paper and starting to do the same thing for every project that you decide to go ahead with.

2. Simplified Development

According to the trend of present, the sublime acceptance of Apple’s design of opting for a simplified Flat design against the other brighter and chunkier ones, would actually simplify things. Turning up with complex codes and things are easy but the real difficulty is to simplify it to an extent that everyone understands it, everyone can use it and that requires real skills. Simplifying a complicated scenario and that is basically that keeps the best coders come back every day to office with the hope of getting better a better solution. So breaking up the large chunks into things that are small and easy for managing is the solution. Breaking applications into the smaller chunks would make the development error free and efficient. Hence as a developer, there would be no reason to shy away from simplifying the process of app development and using the coder’s creativity and taste of innovation for developing an easy-to use system.

3. Testing Keenly for Finding Faults

Something that the developers need to start is testing the application under the extreme conditions they can generate. Before a shuttle launch, a NASA space flight is tested for all possible adverse conditions. It would be practically the same thing for the developer with hi app. With the present rush in Android app development, the developers are encouraged in getting over with development in the littlest possible time. This behavior might prove fatal for the future. Hence, while testing the apps, it is not a good idea to simply look at approving it and possibly trying to look at all possible faults which might persist in that application. It would be intelligent to ask a fellow developer to assist in testing the app and finding flaws in it. This would rule out the level of personal bias and would inevitably creep during the testing of apps that would be developed.

4. Keeping the Coding Knowledge Going and Practice

The biggest favor that keeps the developers is to Maintaining the Grip on the Fundamentals with Improvement of Knowledge as well so as to be always up-to-date. The development world continuously changes and evolves into being a better being that if not kept pace with, would be hard to match up to.

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