Top 7 Ideas to Market a Mobile App

Industry gurus are preaching that mobile app marketing nowadays means walking miles uphill. Indeed, amid 1M+ Android and iOS apps, app marketing has become incredibly difficult – and a must-do at the same time. But the question is how to market? How to make your app another Angry Birds or Temple Run? How to, the least we can say, make your target audience notice your app? We have answers to all these questions, and this post is completely designed to discuss the top mantras that can help you in your marketing efforts.

Here are the top 7 app marketing ways (and some interesting tweaks to them) that should be remembered at all times – even before starting with the mobile app development:

  • Your app should be unique, not just a carbon copy of a similar popular app. And even if you’re not building a one-of-its-kind app, strive to give a one-of-its-kind experience. Clear, a to-do list iOS app, for example, gives a great list-keeping experience to its users and has risen far above many existing apps that serve a similar purpose.
  • Exploit all the social media channels – be it Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Run contests, update content regularly and keep people engaged so that they really start anticipating your offering.
  • Don’t always try to cater everybody, for sometimes having a smaller audience yields better marketing results.
  • Create a website for your app with that what-is-there-for-the-users element in it. The website of WhatsApp is a good example here. Create a teaser video of your app, incorporate it in your website and share it across all the possible platforms (have a look at the video of Dropbox). Creating a slide that highlights “what changes after your app” would also be a great idea.
  • Contact all the top review sites and get featured on them. Let’s face it: No matter how amazing your app is, at times its increased visibility and authority of people appreciating it are the only things that matter.
  • Make your app newsworthy by relating it to the topical events – Cricket World Cup, Super Bowl, Olympics et al. Tech journalists would surely give your app more coverage if you end up doing something like this in a creative way.
  • Hype before the launch – a marketing technique that’s maybe as old as the time itself, but it still works! And this technique has helped launch many mobile applications into the world of fame.

Wrapping Up

There is no limit to how much you can market your app. You can end up spending hundreds of millions of dollars on app marketing without having any idea of where your money, as well as your app, is going. So, it’s all about playing smart. Doing things right. And doing them on time.

We hope that this post gives some direction to your marketing efforts. If there’s any point you would like you discuss on further, you can shout out below.



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