Can Content Alone be the King?

Would it be justifiable to call content alone, the King of the website? Should not the other things that contribute in making website a success be given a well proportionate credit? How easy it would be to read or understand the content if the typos, fonts, background color, layout patterns and other things would not be properly done? Every one understands the importance of a good website designing and developing but when it comes to rank their importance, we all baptize content as the king.

A successful website is a combined effort of many things working in a proper sync. Content surely saves your day but it is the layout and the presentation of your web page which glue the visitor to the web site in the first 3 decisive seconds. Once your visitor decides to take a stop on your website, then content plays its role.

So who really fights to hook up the visitor and make him scroll the whole website?

While you all decide who should be given how much importance, till that time let us commemorate some effective designing tips:-

Everyone is concerned about how to make their web pages appealing. If someone is adding Flash in his website, his concern would be the inability of the crawlers to read images and flash media. The other problem which arises due to the use of heavy image or media file is that it slows down your website to load. Few tricks that can be used:-

  • Avoid using too much text inside a block. Give some space between them. Try to make your text readable.
  • Many people in their blog use black background and a contrast color for text.
  • If you choose to have a colored background, check your page view in resolutions like 256 colors to see whether everything looks alright or not. This is done because everyone does not use the same resolution setting on their PCs. Depending upon the personal choice; each individual prefers to see his window according to his own choice.
  • Colorful pages are liked by every one but when you talk about the readability factor, still many believe white to be the best color to be used as text background.

The importance of white background can also be measured by the fact that websites of companies like Microsoft, Yahoo!, etc., also prefer the white background.

A colored page that looks fine on your 32 bit color resolution system may be dithering and make your text difficult to read on lesser settings.

You can reduce the size of each graphic file on your pages, which might be making your web page heavy and slowing down your website to load on the user’s system.

  • Decrease the quantity of colors in the graphic.
  • Decrease the size of the image, if possible.
  • In animations, reduce the number of frames.
  • In animation, first frame a background without any object that will move then put all your moving objects in separate frames with transparent backgrounds. In short, don’t duplicate the background in every frame.

There are many other free tools which are available online to reduce GIF files. In many discussion forums too you can find people talking on similar issues.

Every one has his or her own opinion, and we agree that everyone would be correct though. But when it comes to picking up a single factor that can make a difference between a good website or an under quality website, content shouldn’t be the only deciding factor.



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