6 Essential Attributes of a Great Web Site

There is no single feature that makes a good web site. It is always a number of attributes combined together which would constitute a great web design. Today when almost all of your competitors have their online presence, so how you will be differentiating yourself when website is the first medium of communication between you and your customers on Internet. Website is a very good source of information as well as advertising medium for a company and their product offerings. So, in order to leverage great results from your website, your website should be neat, clean and should look professional. There are some common trends for a good web design. Now People can easily judge a good or bad web design from a very single visit itself. The following are some essential attributes of a good web site design:

a) Useful, Original and Fresh Content:Your web site should have fresh and original content so that the readers can be benefited. Content is king in the web world. People usually search when they need to find some relevant information. If you are providing them with what they require, your one time readers will come back again and again and even the search engine crawlers will visit your page frequently Because both the visitors and search engine crawlers always look for fresh content.

b)  Make Navigation User friendly: Simplicity is a great virtue. It is well known fact that simple simplifies the confusion and complex intensifies the confusion. If your user has  a marvelous navigating experience through your website, your business is going to be generating good reputation as well revenue.

c) Make website Interactive: In today’s times, people want two way interaction. Nobody just want to listen or speak. Make your website interactive so that people coming there should have fun. Allow them to share their own information, submit links, or make comments on the existing content.

d) Simple but polished design: As already said simple simplifies the issue. Keep the website design very simple but it should look polished and professional. Text effects like colors and fonts should be carefully chosen. The main headings should be bold and the text font should be reduced as the details of information is increased. Mix of Multimedia like text, images, videos can be used to convey message.

e) Speed is the king: Today, patience is a virtue which almost everybody lacks. If a web page is taking so much time to load, it is sure that the readers would be exiting through that page. The loading time is affected by so many factors like graphics on page,  visitors traffic, server speed, user’s system specifications etc. The loading time can be reduced by making sure that the server has proper bandwidth for the website or making use of CSS for graphics etc.

f) Relevant and active links: Link building is an important factor determine your search engine results. Add you links to directories in Google, Yahoo etc. Find all the relevant links for your business and link them to your site. Simultaneously, all links on your side should be active and live. Broken links earn a bad reputation for the company.

Everything which is done after a good deal of planning and methods becomes successful. So, if you are following all of above tips, your websites will have great results and drive huge traffic. Good Luck



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