What’s new coming in Drupal 7

Drupal is the one of the very few content management system which earned good reputation in short span of time. It has got a wide user base now. Drupal is a kind of complete software solution that allows users to create, publish and manage wide variety of content on website. The user base of Drupal includes community web portal, discussion sites, corporate websites, intranet application, social networking sites, e commerce applications etc.
The combination of built-in functionality and so many add modules make Drupal to enable features like Electronic Commerce, blogs, forums, newsletters, peer to peer networking, picture galleries and many others.

So, what’s new  Drupal development team coming with! Drupal 7 is almost in its final stages.  Drupal developers are quite excited about this new release. The usability of the users will be improved to a great extent when Drupal 7 will be released. Lets explore how. Below are features which would enhance the usability factor of the users:

— Administrative links to edit existing page elements are now available on the each web page, without having to go to an administration page first.
— Support for WYSIWYG editors would be improved
— Support for time zone would be improved
— Added more drag-and-drop for administrative tasks.
— Tagging on the article content type would be possible now
— User 1 created as part of the installation process.
— Permissions to handle more meta data.
— Setting up automated task runs (cron) can now be achieved via Drupal’s configuration alone, without having to install any scripts on the web server.
— Removed per-user themes: Contributed modules with similar functionality are available.
— Added new “Shortcuts” module to allow user to create their own menu for the pages they visit the most.

Security issues fixed up in Drupal 7:
— The password system will be more secure.
— The log-in system will be more secure.
— Now modules would be easily updated via web
— Secure implementation of scheduled tasks

There would be several other performance improvement implementations like:

  1. Language aware searches are supported.
  2. Test frameworks are added.
  3. Support for Gmail and Google domain identifiers have been added.
  4. Image handling has been improved including better support for add-on image libraries.
  5. Multi site installations are supported in better way.
  6. RDF support has been added.
  7. Search engine optimization and web linking are supported in better way.
  8. Node access controlling system and task handling have been improved.

Drupal 7 has lot more new coming with!!! Get ready to feel the difference in your usability with new Drupal 7.



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