Magento Mobile— the Latest Buzz!!!

The Magento team is proud to announce the Magento Mobile with which you can easily create branded and native storefront applications that are deeply integrated with Magento’s market-leading e-commerce platform.

MMA (The Mobile Marketing Association) defines Mobile Commerce as:

“Mobile Commerce is the one-or-two-way exchange of value facilitated by a mobile consumer electronic device (e.g., mobile handset), which is enabled by wireless technologies and communication networks.”

Also from a survey done in the month of April, they have concluded that one out of five U.S. mobile phone owners have used their cell phone for mobile commerce (m-commerce)

Features of Magento Mobile:

1.Integrated Storefront Capabilities: With this new admin, you will interrelate the Magento e-commerce to your mobile commerce channel, including full integration with your store’s catalog, checkout, inventory, reporting, and much more!

2.Multiple Devices Under One Platform: Now you can easily manage multiple devices just with a single installation. Also in future, you may easily extend your mobile presence to the iPad and Android devices.

3.Task of submissions made Easy: Now, they manage the submission & support lifecycle for one low monthly fee. They also manage the complexity of mobile applications so that you can focus on running your business!

4.Great Experience at Low Cost: The new cost effective approach makes you to bring best-in-class mobile experience to your customers without the high price tag. Pay only for the features and devices you want while, Magento handles the ongoing maintenance of your application the iTunes marketplace.

5.Enhance Customer Relationship Management: If you want to enhance your relationship and regular communication with your potential customers, smartphones are the way to do it. From geo-targeted push notifications to immersive native experiences, mobile apps unlock new opportunities that will take your business to the next level!

6.Scope of Huge Customisation: There is lot of scope of customisation in terms of features and themes. Now you can quickly update the colours and appearance of your application with the new Magento mobile admin, even after customers have downloaded your application.

Scope of Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce is considered to be the next-generation e-Commerce. M-Commerce has to rely on new technologies, services and business models. It gained momentum from the fact that Internet has become a great source of information and hence an important part of our daily life. On the other hand, mobile phones and PDAs have become an indispensable part of our daily routine as sources of all kinds of information and services. It has reduced the wide gaps of the communication channel.



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