Reasons Why You Choose Drupal for your Website

Drupal is one of the few content management system which earned considerably good reputation and large user base in short span of time. Drupal’s success is not by chance but it really packs some of the great features that provide you with all the things required to do for creating a successful website. No matter, you want to create a Corporate web site, community portals, discussion sites, Intranet applications, personal websites, eCommerce applications, resource directories, social networking sites, Drupal is happy to help you on everything!!! The Drupal system is composed of a number of “modules” which allows you to quickly go through and turn on and off different options that you want your site to have. Below you will see only few from the huge sea of reasons supporting the fact that why you use Drupal for your website:

  • The Admin Panel: The administrative panel is quite rich in features. It is the main driver which controls all the aspects and functionality of Drupal.— Creating forms with a specific type of functionality in Drupal is quite easy. For developers, Drupal has a very well constructed and documented forms API. Like this, there is webform module which allows the site admins to create forms alongwith any options very easily.— There is something called ”Drupal Filter” which is again quite amazing. It’s function is to filter all your content that comes from forms so as it keeps your website secure from the various kinds of attacks.

    — The Drupal search feature that is in-built is just about as solid and functional as a web site search feature gets.

    — The Cache feature of Drupal allows for very large and high traffic sites to cut down the number of database queries. It is interesting to note that websites with high number of queries delays the crawling of the website, specifically more when website drives high traffic. With Drupal, there is a built in caching feature that will essentially store all the data from the “rendered” page into the database. This will change the number of queries from 1,000 to 1 which will improve performance considerably.

    — The rigid and clean coding structure of Drupal makes it a secure system.

    Drupal websites are supposed to be more usable and accessible.

  • Web 2.0 Features: Since already mentioned, that you can create social networking sites, community portals with Drupal as it contain many web 2.0 features.— The users base functionality area is quite flexible in this case. It allows them to register themselves and become part of your site. With this, the interaction on the website becomes two way as users or readers can also contribute in the form of new content, comments, feedback and so on.— You can assign specific permissions to the users based on their roles like administrators, moderators, editors etc.

    — With Drupal, you can create forums and communities and hold discussions in the form of threads, comments, amongst members of the community.

    — RSS feed has become so popular that now, it counts in the effective ways to market blogs/websites. We cannot deny the fact that it has become a good source for people to collect data from a number of web sites into one place for being upto date or mere for reading purpose. Drupal has in-built functionality to create feeds of the content.

  • Scalability: Often you find it difficult to extend your CMS features onto the other systems, but it is never the case with Dupal. Drupal has extensive and amazing scalability factor. The coding of Drupal does a great job for handling the customization.
  • Enhance Search Engine Friendliness: Drupal has certain features that enhances SEO of the website in the following ways:— Every node you create on Drupal will have the node title as the title that appears in both the title tag and in the main heading tag of your theme. This title tag is very important if you look from SEO point of view. So if you have selected a well-researched title, it can go amazingly a long way to make your search rankings better.— Drupal has in built functionality to allow users to create a clean URL by ‘Pathauto module’ which can be based on number of factors like custom keywords rich title and others.

    — Drupal relies on CSS when it comes to theming aspect. This allows for the elimination of unnecessary cluttering of HTML coding hence facilitates better indexing of the content.

  • Themes: The theming pattern of the Drupal is very much structured and composite. Broadly speaking, it has 3 parts: Page, Nodes, and Blocks. The page part handles the basic theming, look and feel of the website. Node handles all the content part and Blocks handles the other features like widgets, comments moderations, and so on like these. All this, helps a lot in good custom website design.

The Conclusion of the discussion goes like this…

Drupal provides high end solutions to almost all kinds of websites patterns, portals, forums, communities that you want to create. With its long range spectrum of modules, it allows for better customization, scalability, security, usability and accessibility. So the next time, you think of creating a website, you can give a thought of making it on Drupal and let you or your client experience the difference.



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