Magento: Emerging Star of Ecommerce Race

It becomes difficult to choose one e-commerce platform when there are so many in the market. But, for the past few years, we have been observing an increasing popularity for Magento, leaving the relatively old and stable e-commerce platform- osCommerce behind.

The picture above from Google Trends displays the past trend and the current trend for the year 2010. It is quite apparent from the graph that Magento e-commerce store is gaining popularity and becoming highly acceptable amongst people whereas osCommerce, once a star of the show is now losing its ground and battling up to match with the performance of the new arrival, Magento.

Let’s take a brief about Magento and then, we will discuss the grounds on which it became popular.
Magento is an open source e-commerce platform i.e. its source codes are free to access, and even its use for personal or commercial purpose. Its wide array of features and deep range of tools, for making an online store robust, makes it a popular e-commerce platform. It is written on PHP language and uses MySQL for data storage purpose.

Key features of the software which helps you in running and maintaining your online store:

Marketing Promotions & Tools
It offers flexible pricing rules and enables you to create varieties of promotional activities to increase your conversion rates. There are features like Up-Sells, Cross-Sells, and more to increase Average Order Value along with newsletter management, search engine feature. It provides you all the convenient mediums to increase your online sales.

Product Browsing
It powers your online store and displays multiple images per product, product image zoom-in capability, product reviews, related products, add to wish list, availability of stock and many more features.

Catalogue Management
Customers can very easily take benefit of features such as Layered Navigation, Product Comparison, Tags and Reviews & Ratings. These features help customers to make the right choice and purchase the right product for them. Other highlighting features under Catalogue Management are inventory management, tax rate per location, batch import/export catalogue, customer personalized product-upload text or design for print or embroidery, create store specific attributes and many others.

Real-time carrier rates, with support for account specific rates, flat or table rates are some features which will make the shopping experience of your customer hassle free. You can make free shipping discount as a part of your promotional activity and attract the customer across the globe.

One page checkout, checkout with account or as a guest, multiple messages and the ability to integrate with numbers of payment gateways make the shopping really easy for the customers.
Other Magento features which make online shopping easy, both for buyer and seller, can be found here.

Reasons Which Keeps Magento Ahead in the Race

  • Frequent Update and variety of features
    Magento, as a new e-commerce software, with an incredibly large community of followers is updated frequently. The code improvements and bug fixing in this software are done regularly and the company, Varien, behind this software keeps on surprising people with their updates and new features.
  • Large numbers of add-ons with important capabilities
    With a large community of Magento developers, the list of its add-ons is sizeable, making online stores laden of all possible capabilities of becoming a successful online store. The feature set engrossed by Magento does not only include the features of all other similar software, but even many exclusive features as well. Its distinct features like ‘store view’ where a shop keeper can set up multiple stores in different languages, at different prices for the same product, with same admin control, keeps it ahead of others.
  • Appealing Templates
    Look and feel of the store is what primarily attracts the attention of the customer. In Magento, you can customize the template according to your website theme and can also optimize it for your mobile phones. It also saves you money while installation as its modular code enables them to upgrade and retain their customization. And you save money on installing the add-ons and customizing your shop again.
  • Comprehensive Back-end Support
    The back-end control panel of Magento is clean & comprehensive. Its structure and code is what makes it a robust yet flexible e-commerce platform. People prefer Magento over other e-commerce platforms because it provides them the control of their online store and a comfortable shopping experience to their customers. Most highlighted factor about this e-commerce software is it covers all the important features that should be present in an ideal e-commerce store, and has nice design too.

Since the inception of this software, a revolution has been observed in the e-commerce industry. Now the upcoming stores, supported by Magento, are more powerful and flexible. It picks and ensemble all the good features from all other e-commerce software and upgrade them to the next level of sophistication.



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