Get Trained and Certified by Magento

Isn’t that sound exciting to Magento Lovers!!! Since everybody knows that Magento is always on the improvement side of its online help info that’s available from your Magento Admin Panels. Also, you must have noticed that Koby and a crew of (most excellent) volunteer moderators have been working hard in response to your feedback to keep the forums spam-free and organized. Not just this, the very next week, you will see that Magento development team is relaunching their knowledge base section with the fresh topics of discussions and ongoing updates. Till summers end, you will also see a Magento User’s Guide to be available to all Magento developers and users for guidance purpose.

But is that all, they are upto?? No, there’s much more to come. Magento is looking forward to offer training courses to business users, designers and developers. To start with this,

  1. Magento team will be organising summer webinar series, focused on discussing tutorials on some of the most frequently asked about topics.
  2. Some of the people in the Magento community are already providing training, so Magento development team would be encouraging all those similar training courses and building on that.
  3. In addition to this, there will be a Magento training partners program in which all the Magento eCommerce experts would get an opportunity to establish training as a part of their business to more effectively promote the business.
  4. Now comes the most important and interesting part of this program for the Magento developers and users i.e. Certification. It is very necessary and required. It serves as a tangible asset for those who earn this certification. The criteria for the certifications and other materials is already into the planning stage. The Magento team is targeting the end of 2010 for the first certification level and will continue to build out from there.
  5. The announcement of training sessions will be done very soon.

So it is the golden opportunity for the following people who can avail this course and can develop personally as well as professionally in the concerned field:

— If you are Magento development team offering training courses to clients.
— If you are technical writer/ freelancer with Magento expertise.
— If anybody wants to share his/her experience with Community in the form of a contribution to knowledge base section.

Don’t just sit back and think. Act now!!!



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