Steps to Keep in Mind Before Hiring Joomla Site Developers

Joomla website designing is in trend these days. There is a huge demand of Joomla developers in the market. It is very important to understand and analyze the project requirements before hiring Joomla developers.  It is said, “Planning is half done”. Proper analysis has to be carried out for the right and successful execution of the project. Below we have listed few steps that should be given due consideration before you plan to carry out a project with Joomla site developers:

a) Planning of the Project: The very first phase of the project is ‘Planning’. You need to define scope of the project. Even very small questions like— “does your project needs a new theme?”, “does it need a new functionality?”, “does it demand a modification on users-interactivity features and the other such questions should be answered. A blue print of the project should be prepared in order to make things more easier. There should be a clear picture in the mind and all the ambiguities should have been resolved by the time the project starts. When you plan time and resources for your project, just don’t forget to include time and developer hours for a security review.

b) Pre-Define a Budget for the Project: Once you are done with planning phase, next comes the phase of defining budget constraints to the project. It is very important to set a budget before you go for hiring Joomla developers and carry out project discussions with the developers.

c) Need Analysis of Skills Required: The next step is to match the desired skill level to the specific task. Hiring expert professionals would give you quality work in a short span of time, which ultimately saves your time and money. Moreover, hiring dedicated Joomla developers would also be an intelligent decision. According to this service models deployed by most of the companies, you can hire Joomla developers on hourly basis. You tend to have personalized interactions with the developers who would be exclusively working for you. More communication means reduced chances of errors. It also implies less turnaround time. At the end, it saves time as well as money. Fine Leaf has also introduced dedicated service model in its Joomla development services. Basically, this is the phase of need analysis. You ought to select professionals according to your requirements. For instance, if you require a new theme, you need someone with CSS knowledge and Joomla experience to create what you want.

d) Advertising and Project Discussions: You can post your requirements regarding Joomla developers in the Joomla forums as well as can participate in the Joomla communities to look out for Joomla professionals. If you do not want to do this, just search them out using search engines. “All that glitters is not gold”. You need to be very careful while selecting the service provider. Visit their websites and look for their work samples, have discussions with them and then, if you really think that they would be able to perform, hand over the project to them.

Follow all the steps listed above and you will get a sure success in carrying out project with Joomla developers. You need to be very clear about the project requirements and careful while selecting a service provider. Remember that the project is yours, you are investing your time and money in it, and the results would definitely be positive if all the steps are properly executed.



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