Pick Your CMS wisely

Planning to own a website? Going with a CMS would be a better choice if you don’t keep any interest in HTML/XHTML, Web Page design, Photoshop, PHP, MySQL or anything else related to core function and technicality of the website. When going with a CMS you don’t even need to think about all these things, but what you actually need to know is the list of the features that each content management software offer and how close does it matches with your wish list.

The 3 most popular CMS who are running the race at this moment are Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress. Picking any one of them for your commercial or personal website can be a good choice. More or less, they provide the same features and for rest of the features there are plug-ins available. Let’s see what all you can get.

So before you make a choice let’s go through a collective list of all the features these three CMS software provides.
There are various in-built applications such as:
•    Chat Function
•    Product Management
•    Blog
•    Classifieds
•    Forum/Discussion
•    Events Calendar
•    FAQ Management
•    Mail Form Dashboard
•    Newsletter
•    Photo Gallery
•    Polls
•    Product Management
•    Search Engine
•    Site Map
•    Syndicated Content (RSS)
•    Tests/Quizzes free plug-ins
which helps the admin to carry out its work process swiftly.

Now let’s scroll through the features which actually help to manage the website and thereby, the online business. These features are advertisement management-helps to manage the banner ads or any other ad running on the website; content scheduling-you can schedule addition and deletion of the content; asset management-the software offers a repository system which can be used to upload and then store the images or the content for any further use; trash-the system offers a trash system which helps to extract the content which once was deleted. There are many other similar features which help in managing and maintaining the website content.

And when it comes to ease-of-use features like Drag-N-Drop Content, Email to Forum, Friendly URLs, Image Resizing, Macro Language, Mass Upload etc, they come really handy at performing some critical tasks. It’s not just that there are many other features which these content management solutions offer but till the time you do not have any technical expertise and are not sure about integrating the CMS with your website you better hire any cms website design & development company, who can advice & offer the right solution.



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