How to Optimize WordPress Blog for Search Engines

Well, if you have decided to create your blog either professionally or for personal use, then WordPress developer has provide you one of the best option to perform that activity and that too by your own. The main advantage of having a WordPress blog is its functionality and its user friendly attributes. WordPress is considered as one of the best CMS, with the help of which you are able to create and maintain your blog conveniently.

Another important aspect that is very necessary for your blog is its effectiveness. Here effectiveness means how much people are visiting to your WordPress blog. In web language, we understand it as the traffic of blog. In this context, search engine optimization comes into the picture. It is acceptable that to maintain WordPress blog is an easy task as the WordPress web design has been done with the aim of user convenience. But to make it valuable it must be optimized for search engines. Now the question arises that how to optimize WordPress blog in order to make it search engine friendly? So, here we have some useful SEO tips for WordPress blog:

1. Do not obstruct search engines while installing WordPress. Actually, this activity might occur by default, and can cause some harm to your WordPress blog. To avoid this, activate the option for SEO in your WordPress from admin panel in order to get trapped by search engines.

2. The relevancy of the topic of post is a very important part of your blog. Although you are able to write on number of topics but the relevant topic would be the one that could be commonly searched by the people.

3. This would be a negative point for your blog if more than one URL are pointing towards your blog. This results in creating the confusion for search engines as to which URL is to be displayed in the search engine page. Moreover, it affects the page rank of your blog as page rank of same page will be divided amongst both the URLs.

4. Images can create some soothing effects into your blog post. People are more likely to visit and read blogs that contain images. The content of the blog post and images must have some connectivity between them. Moreover, it would help the blog to come into the spider of image search engine.

5. Ensure that the theme which you are using for your blog must use the header tags properly. Always write the blog title or main keywords in h1 tag. In the same way, put title of blog post in h2 tags while titles of sidebar should be in h3 tag.

6. Before publishing the post, just have a look on the post title and think from the user point of view that is this title good enough to be searched in search engines. The post title should be targeted always on search engine keywords.

7. While using advance techniques do not forget to utilize the traditional techniques of SEO. Try to give at least two links to your blog and use keywords into the whole post but ensure that natural feel of post is not lost.

8. As social media plays significant role in providing heavy traffic into the blog, so integrate social media into your WordPress blog. Links of social media facilitate the user to share the post.

SEO plays most important role in making the blog effective and useful. Hence, these tips would help you a lot to optimize your WordPress blog.



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