4 Noteworthy Factors Integral to Web Designing

Web design is a part of World Wide Web as web designs are the best way to deliver the informative content to an end user with the help of different browsers. The main aim of web design is to create a website which holds quality content, many applications, images and lot more to attract the visitors. Creating a website is not all. Most important is, create attractive and appealing website. But how you can make this type of website? What are the important things which a designer need to keep in mind? Well, below are some of the essentials of web design which a designer should know:

Cross Browser Compatible

Cross Browser Compatibility is one of the essentials of web design. Once the website is created, your main aim is to check whether the site is browser compatible or not. When people surf the internet, they use wide range of browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE and many more. Sometimes it happens that the thing which looks great in IE7 is not compatible and unreadable by other browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari. Netscape and IE are the two browsers, where website looks great. For creating good web design, you should test your work till your design looks great on IE and Netscape. Basically this testing can be done to check whether designs are effective or not. And more important thing you need to keep in mind is that your website should be W3C validated.


Every website should have clear navigation so that it helps the visitors in locating the information very quickly and efficiently. Very popular and successful websites usually have simple and straightforward web designs for their visitors. As straightforward designs are very easy to use and easily attracts visitors. Always use horizontal and vertical menus on the right and left for an easy navigation. When you link many pages to your sites it becomes an easy way for navigation. Good navigation always holds your visitors for long time on your site because they easily get the information they are searching for. Sometimes it happens that visitors get distracted and frustrated from the website just because of poor navigation. So, it’s better to use clear navigation.

Search Engine Optimized

Search engine optimization is one of the useful tools for generating huge amount of traffic to a website. Therefore, only to have an effective website design is not enough, you should also have your website search engine optimized as a part of collaborative effort. For this you need to have quality content so as to attract the attention of the search engine. It’s important for a web designer that they should target the keywords which are mostly used by users for finding the information. With the help of Google AdWords, you can easily find this type of information.

Fast Loading Webpage

Good looking website is not enough. After designing a website first and foremost task for designers is to check the websites loading time. How much time a website takes? While designing, designers should always use optimized images and avoid using flash because flash and detailed images take more time to load. If image loading time increase by 15 seconds visitors get frustrated and immediately disappears from that page.

Considering the above mentioned points while designing the website can prove to be useful and fruitful in conjugation with website’s SEO efforts as well as its overall augmentation.



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