6 Crucial Steps of Web Development Process

Website development is a complicated activity which involves series of processes. For the development of your website, you require technical experts who have profound knowledge of the market. To ensure all this, you need to follow efficient website development processes.

Here are some of the crucial steps involved in the process of website development:

Market Research

The first step in the web development process is the market research. Market Research is all about gathering information for designing a successful website. While conducting a comprehensive market research some important questions need to be answered such as which market you want to enter? Who is your target audience? Well, for this you need to research over the internet and should gather enough knowledge about your target market. Certain other things you need to consider are:

a) Goals
What are the reasons behind building a site? Primarily there are two common goals, either to share information or to make money.
b)  Purpose of your website
What is the purpose of your site? Do you want to promote your product and service, sell a product, or need to provide information?


Content is the most critical aspect of your website. Content is the kind of information which your target audience will be looking for. Information which you provide should be relevant, logical, informative, and specific about the products and services you offer.


Once you finish with your content part, it’s time for you to decide the look of your site. If you want to reach to customers across the world you should go for the website which stands apart from the crowd and gets easily noticed by your customers. Target audience is the key factor you should consider while designing the website. You also have to take care of other factors too such as a company logo, color scheme, and check whether it is user friendly or not. After knowing the target audience, develop a Unique Selling Point (USP) that makes you different from others. Moreover, your website should look professional as it provides a sense of credibility and authority.


Here comes the actual development process! Web development process sounds very easy but is a very complex task to perform. When we talk about the technical part, a successful website requires profound knowledge of front-end web development. Web development process also includes quality content, auto responders, and sales letters. Through newsletters, you can easily remain in touch with your audiences. In this phase, elements such as flash animations, ecommerce shopping carts and contact forms are implemented and made functional by your developers.


At this point, when the development process is over you need to test your website. Testing is done to check the functionality of your website, last minute compatibility issues, properly viewed in recent browsers and ultimately ensure whether it is optimized properly or not. Testing can be of many types such as cross-browser compatibility testing, scalability testing, and integration testing. But, if you want to test the loading time of the graphics, you should go for manual and automated testing. You also need to check whether the written code validates or not. And if your site meets the web development standards, it means your code is valid.


This phase is the last phase in the web application development process, but it is important too. Websites will need time to time updations otherwise it loses their charm. For this you need to do the regular analysis of your site. In maintenance phase, n numbers of bugs need to be fixed and need to be solved.

Every web designer and developer should follow the above mentioned steps in the development of the website. According to your business needs and complexity of your website, these steps need to be performed regularly.



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