10 Most Important Factors to be considered for the Perfect CMS

Selection of content management system is a very crucial step that needs a focused set of planning, otherwise there could be a situation that you would have been driven away to the wrong direction by alluring functionality of CMS design, which might be not of your use. What are those factors which helps you to decide and select the CMS development service for your website? Here are some most considerable factors of perfect CMS.

Core Functionality

The core functionality of any CMS is to manage the website, which means to create, add, delete, edit and maintain the web pages. But most of the people take this functionality in a very casual way as they think that all CMS are just meant to perform these functions only. But there are many things related to this functionalityand, therefore, it is important to have an overall understanding of the core functionality.


Editor is one of the main features of CMS that needs a proper attention. Actually the editor is the interface which is used to add and edit the content. The latest editors have come up with new approach. Editor is used by content publisher for providing heading, lists, links and all that and has no responsibility over the appearance of blog. Editor should have the capabilities to maintain the extra element like images and downloadable files.

Managing assets

Some CMS are very pathetic in terms of managing images and files. This attribute of managing assets depends on the CMS design. If the CMS has been designed carelessly then it directly affects the accessibility and usability of website. Images are one of the most important items to be concerned in CMS. To manage images, it is better to select the CMS that provides <alt=””> attributes to images. Moreover, the CMS must provide image editing tools (cropping, resizing, rotating etc.) and also consider the functioning of CMS while uploading PDF, world documents and other files. And how they would appear to the user?


Every blog or website contains a search bar located mostly at the top right. This is the most important aspect of any website as more than half of the user starts with this search option while looking for content. But in some CMS, search functionality is somewhat not proper like freshness, thoroughness etc.


You need to have a CMS that enables flexibility in retrieving and presenting the content. For example the comments on any particular post can be shown in the content if required or can be deleted if not required. In similar way, there are other functions for which customization of website must be needed.

User interaction

Your CMS need to have functionality of user feedback. Many CMS provide these functionality or they allow third party plugins to provide these functionality. You can add the functionality like chat, comments, ratings and forums.

Roles and permission

A good CMS is the one which has complete control over the blog so that one can add or change the content, once the blog owner grants permission. For example, one can post job advertisement but can not add content. This kind of functionality requires proper management by CMS. So, the CMS you are going to use should have the functionality that could support permission.


This functionality is very useful in case when something posted by accident and you want to come back on the previous page of last saved state. Actually, it is not a common functionality and used rarely.

Multiple website support

If you are able drive more than one website with a CMS from the same installation, then that would be one of the most important features of CMS.

Multilingual support

Your CMS must have multilingual support either your website is targeted towards domestic market or international market. It is beneficial in case when your product is language oriented, you can change the language accordingly.
It is very useful and beneficial to consider all the features of CMS that helps you to decide the CMS for your website or blog.



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