CMS: A Great Support for Managing Huge Websites

CMS, popularly known as content management system, is a powerful platform that helps you to run your website according to you. In present scenario, the web industry has substantially widened its scope and people are demanding for impeccably build websites with an immense dynamism. Dynamic websites are tougher to create, but great CMS can make this task easier. In a nutshell, CMS can be the best platform to create dynamic websites. How do we start with?

Integrating CMS

This could be a challenging task for you, if you are not equipped with skilled developer. In addition, a developer can induce search engine friendly elements to your site. In today’s web culture, no search engine would like to crawl on the web page that has clumsy layout. Websites with great design and content are more prone to be loved by search engines. The developer must integrate some add-ons with the CMS in order to provide dynamic functionalities to the website. This is the reason why a developer should have thorough comprehension of CMS customization. Now when we talk about the CMS integration, there is one more activity performed in creating CMS website and i.e. CMS web development. How do these two aspects differ?

CMS Integration Vs CMS Development

Mostly people take these aspects in the same sense and many times CMS integration is phrased as CMS development, but let it be very clear that both phenomenon are completely different and of equal importance. There must be no confusion between these two. CMS integration is basically an initial phenomenon accompanied with integrating CMS on your website. As far as CMS development is concerned, it entirely takes responsibility for the customization of CMS as per website requirement. Do not get confused by considering the two as same.

Most Popular CMS

As there is a cut throat competition prevailing in the web industry, numerous CMS have been launched so far but only few of them have gained popularity. The most famous and widely used CMS are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, etc. These all are open source and available free on the internet.  Now how can you choose the best suitable CMS among these?

Benefits of using CMS

So far we have understood what CMS is and what CMS development is. Now it is the time to know how CMS can be benefited for us. So, here are few benefits of using CMS.

1. You are allowed to create and store thousands of web pages in the database.

2. As the design and content of the site is distinct, you can change the design of the website at any time and that too without hampering the content of your site.

3. You are allowed to use CSS for controlling the presentation of your site.

4. There are so many authors who wish to write for your CMS site, so you can activate your CMS for multiple users who can access through admin panel. This would make easy for multiple authors to login to the site and add their content.

5. The admin panel allows you to add not only content but also the plugins in order to enhance the features of the website.

6. The person with the basic computer knowledge can manage the CMS based website. HTML knowledge is not at all required to add content or make changes to the site.

7. As the design and content are completely separated from each other, which allows you to put keywords on the url and finally invite search engine crawlers to get into the page.

8. Really Simple Syndication is automatically integrated on many sites, so the moment you publish the content to the CMS site, it creates a feed for it and visitors with RSS feed can read your post.


There is no doubt that CMS is a robust platform for creating a dynamic website. Those who want to interact with their target audience through their site, creating a website with CMS would be the best option.



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