WordPress 3.0, Assassin CMS – Well Known for Its Eminent Features

WordPress has long been as an open source blog tool and publishing platform, giving users a kind of software that helps in creating a beautiful website or blog. WordPress was first released on 27 May, 2003, but at the beginning of the February 2011, WordPress 3.0 (which is the thirteenth foremost official) released. It’s a six months project, a total of 218 contributors are involved in this project. Moreover, it was found that list of features in WordPress 3.0 is not very long as compared to older versions of WordPress. However, the modifications that are coming will surely have a noteworthy impact, and that too if you use WordPress as Content Management System. Below are some of the most significant new features of WordPress 3.0. Let’s have a look:

1) Custom Navigation Menu

For Better Menu Management, you can have Custom Woo navigation which is included to the core of WordPress 3.0. Menu Management is one of the most interesting features of WordPress 3.0. If you want to have a full control over your site’s navigation menus then this is the best feature you have. With this feature there is a simple drag and drop interface available so that users can create menus which include any mixture of links to internal pages, external URLs, categories, and then name it. After all this, you can entrench these customized menus as a widget anywhere your theme allows it.

2) Custom Post Types

Both the features custom post types and taxonomies will make WordPress 3.0 a much more powerful CMS option. This feature helps you in having different type of posts for example products, Portfolio listings, and then the normal posts. With the help of WordPress 3.0, you can easily define extra content types (Types of content posts and Pages) with their own attributes. Moreover, with WordPress 3.0 you can have an option of converting your WordPress site into something more like Tumblr. For this you need to create custom post types for text, chat, audio, and video.

3) Amalgamate WordPress and WordPress MU

WordPress MU is a similar Blogging Platform as WordPress is. Earlier WordPress MU (Multi user capabilities) is known as Multi User which is now merged with WordPress 3.0. That is with this amalgamation, you can manage various different sites (different domains and/or sub domains) and that too with a single installation.

4) “Twenty Ten” : New Default Theme

WordPress 3.0 has come up with a new default theme i.e. “Twenty Ten” which is the great enhancement over the Kubrick Theme. However, you can also say that this theme is unique in terms of bold and clean design, some nice functionality which does not found in other themes. In Twenty Ten, there are two inbuilt features which are particularly useful for those who are new to WordPress and don’t know coding for customizing a theme. These two features are Custom Header Image (with this feature you can easily change your website’s header image) and Custom Background Image (With this you can upload your own background image for your website and you can also set solid background image color according to your requirement).

5) Custom Taxonomies

This feature is quite complex for those who are non developers. With Custom Taxonomies you can easily create extra chunk of Meta information. And by default, there are “categories and “Tags” so that, we can add other types as well. Here are some of the examples of custom taxonomies: Suppose if you are a film fanatic and you use your WordPress blog for posting reviews, rating movies then all you need to do is to create a custom Taxonomy for “Rating” every review just by adding PG,R, G, and PG-13.

Therefore, above mentioned features of WordPress 3.0 definitely help you in adding additional functionality to your site.



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