6 Things About E-commerce Sites that Annoy Customers

The web is brimming with a number of ecommerce websites. Every large as well as small business has its own website and many other are going for ecommerce website development. However, most of the times business owners fail to provide a good shopping experience to the customers. In temptation of making the site more attractive (and to draw more visitors) they make use of some things that can really annoy customers. Consequently they suffer from a sharp decline in number of customers and sales. This can have a pretty bad effect on business. Discussed below are six things about e-commerce websites that can really annoy the customers, and hence, should be avoided.

1. Bad Graphic Design: Graphic design is the very first thing that customers notice about a site. In fact, visitors get attracted to a site by its graphic design. Now, if a site has a poor or bad graphic design, it will only create a bad impression on customers.  According to many researches, customers do not make purchases from a site they do not trust. And customers definitely do not trust poorly designed websites. It is imperative to pay required attention to the site’s aesthetic look and feel.

2. Poor customer service: This is another thing that can really annoy customers. If your contact information is not easily findable and the customer has to go through a series of steps to locate it, mind it, you will have a really hot tempered voice at the other end. According to a study conducted in 2009, 22 percent of shopping cart abandonment was due to unreachable customer service, where shoppers wanted to ask questions about checking out and could not.

3. No option to filter results: without a filter option, you will make the process of purchasing things for your customers an uphill task. People hate to browse through different product grids in order to search what they are looking for. Therefore, layered and filtered navigation is a must have for every e-commerce site. It makes it a lot easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

4. No search option: Without search option, you are actually taking a big risk and testing customers’ patience. Save yourself from earning customers’ ire by providing a search option and saving them from clicking through your site’s product hierarchy, when they could have gone directly to what they wanted via a search.

5. Forcing Log in to make order: This is one of the things most hated by customers. So, do not force customers to log in or even register to make a purchase. According to a report published in 2010, as many as 20 percent of shopping cart abandonment was due to forced registration.

6. Typographical errors: Last but not the least; typos can really annoy your customers. Avoid them.

These are the six things that can annoy your customers. Therefore, you must make sure that your ecommerce web design has none of these mistakes. In order to get the best results from ecommerce web development, hire only a reputed and credible ecommerce web design company. They guarantee quality results within a stipulated time period and ensure that your e-commerce site is perfectly professional and user friendly. With all these features, you can rest assured that your e-commerce website will do phenomenally well and will be there in good books of customers.



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