What should You Know Before Selecting a CMS?

We are well aware of the importance of Content Management System for websites at present scenario. Content management system is used for updating, editing and uploading content of any type of websites like –ecommerce websites, social networking sites, personal websites, community web portals and lot more. With the help of a CMS content manager one can manage and modify content from websites easily. There are numerous open source CMS available in the market with great functionality and usability at different prices.  It is certainly a challenge to select the right CMS solution for your business.

Every CMS development differs from other in terms of features. Some of the CMS may be expensive for small and medium sized organization. To avoid any kind of discrepancy it is important to keep in mind certain factors while considering a CMS solution. They are as follows-

  • Before you consider a custom CMS development for your website, it is essential to check your budget, as different CMS service providers differ in their rates.  It is important to note that open source CMS is free to use but you need to pay to integrate the CMS in your design, if you can’t do it by yourself.
  • The basic function of any CMS development is creating, deleting, editing and organizing content on your site. Make sure your CMS provides you all these features, to have a full control on the content of your web pages.
  • Management is an important requirement in any CMS web design. You need to check the CMS allows you management of images and files efficiently. Moreover, it should provide you basic editing tools of content like- rotating, cropping, resizing etc.  In addition to it, CMS should have ability to upload and attach PDFs, word documents and other files.  Improper management of images and files result in poor accessibility and functionality of websites that eventually irk visitors and they immediately move from such sites.
  • All good CMS come with multiple websites and multiple language support. This is very helpful for website owners to target different markets with no language issue. You need to be assured that your CMS has this feature for sure.
  • Consider a CMS that is easy-to-use and highly customizable to accommodate your business requirement. Besides, it should allow flexibility for the data to retrieve and present.
  • User interaction and their feedback are necessary for your business growth and overcoming the loopholes. Consider a CMS that offers you chat, forum, comment, rating, e-mail, news feed and RSS from your customers.



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