Best Google Ranking: Optimize Website in 5 Ways

Today we are living in a world that is totally submerged in technology. There are hardly any youngsters who have not heard about the internet. Internet has already become an integral part of everybody’s life, especially those who are tech savvy and are willing to use technology to the best of their advantage. When anyone talks about the internet they cannot help but mention the name of Google. Google is almost like a divine intervention for those who wish to make it big in their online business. Even for off line business establishments, Google has an important role to play. If you wish to move your business to the next higher level it is very important that your website is attracted to Google. This is because; even today Google directs almost 90% of all the web traffic in the USA. Though newer players have come in the web market, but even today none are able to match the search engine capabilities that Google offers. Almost all good and professional business web design experts find it impossible to work without the search engine capabilities of Google by their side. It is a fact that Google has been responsible for creating quite a number of business successes.

It is also a fact that there is no free lunch here and if you want your website to move the ladder of Google search rankings there are quite a few things that you or your custom web design specialists should do. Let us find out some of the top ways and means by which you can optimize your website to enable it to move high on the search engine rankings.

It always makes very good sense to have unique working in each and every page of your website. Let us see how it helps to increase traffic to your website. The only method by which Google is able to distinguish one web page from the other is with the help of wordings that are used in them. It is extremely important to have at least 300 to 500 unique words on each page. Once you are through with this as a business web design professional, you can reasonably be sure that Google will segregate your website as an information and unique site and will move it higher in the search rankings. Mere copying on one wording between various pages this will not cut much ice with Google, and there are chances that your web page and web site will continue to languish in the bottom.

The next important thing that should be kept in mind as a user is to keep updating the tile tags regularly. These title tags are nothing but the words that are visible above the file button. These title tags are very important when it comes to develop the right SEO ranking package. This is the first indication to Google as to what exactly your page is all about. Hence, it is a very vital piece of work that should not be compromised. Here again it would be advisable to use different words for different pages as far as title tags are concerned.

The next important thing that should be kept in mind as far as optimizing your website is concerned is to regularly update the meta descriptions. In fact such Meta descriptions are not very heavily factored by Google when it comes to search engine rankings. However, they do have an important role to play in persuading more number of peoples to click on a particular website and have a role to play in increasing the SEO rankings based on number of visits to your website. This point has to be kept in mind by various business web design specialists.

The next important thing is understanding the importance of adding footer links for making navigation easier. Google is not known to be efficient in reading Flash and Javascript content and hence if there is any important keyword written using Flash and Javascript, the same may missed out by the Google Crawlers. Plain text links are the best way to impress Google and hence footer menu has an important role to play in this. This is something that should be realized and understood by web design company.

Lastly it is very important as business web design specialists to have a close look and avoid duplicate content in the various pages of your website. If there is a need to put such duplicate pieces of information in different pages, the best way to go about it is by using images instead of text. This is because the Google creeper has problem reading from image files.



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