Is HTML 5 Worthy for Web Wesigners?

HTML5 is the latest revision of HTML standard that targets on improving the language with the support of multimedia. It has numerous new concepts that are very beneficial for web developers and designers. Before learning more about HTML 5 and knowing how it is worthy for web designers, it is important to know about HTML first. HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a computer language that is used for creating pages to post on the Internet. These web pages can then be viewed on the Internet. HTML is very simple to learn. An amateur web designer, who wants to learn HTML codes and creation of a website, can take help from many software utilities, programs and websites. HTML is very useful to convert your Photoshop Data files (PSD) which otherwise cannot be used as websites directly.

As a matter of fact, conversion from PSD to HTML has become an important part of the website development. Conversion from PSD to HTML or PSD to CSS gives your website cross browser compatibility, manual coding, and delivery of high quality service and customer support. There are many ways you can choose for PSD to HTML or PSD to CSS conversion but, you need to ensure that the conversion is done in the right manner.

With the advancement of time, HTML acquired new versions and HTML5 is the newest specification of HTML. HTML5 offers many new elements, characteristics and attributes that allow users to work more efficiently and faster. One of the greatest advantages of HTML 5 is that it is highly interactive. Today web developers spend more time on creating application with fluid animations, play music and connect it with social networking sites. However, it often becomes complicated when add-on tools like Flash, Flex are used. These techniques are very time consuming and complex but, HTML5 has sorted it out. It provides an alternative solution for this with DOM and HTML for high quality drawings, video, animation etc. In addition, using HTML5 web designers are able to take full advantage of a canvas element for 2d drawing, browser history management and offline web applications. You can use HTML5 with any browser that supports it. If you design your website with the help of HTML5 then you do not have to do more coding as there is no need of scripting for validation.

As we know search engine optimization has become really important for the ranking of websites at various search engines. HTML5 helps to improve the understanding of search engines of structure and content so that your website gets better accessibility. The other major advantage of HTML5 is that it works on all platforms such as Android, Blackberry etc. Now users are not required to download the game and they can play it instantly on their browsers without any installations hassles.

HTML5 has many features of its own that are helpful to users for getting better information or structure, and easier navigation of web pages. Moreover, it has many applications that enable users to read web pages without downloading other languages like Abode and Java. HTML has grown substantially and it has two allies that are closely associated with it. CSS or Cascading Style Sheet which helps HTML to look great by describing the way the document is supposed to look. The other is JavaScript that builds interactivity. Besides web designers, HTML5 is a great solution for iPhone app developers. These developers have been looking for a solution that can decrease the time and cost for developing apps. With the arrival of HTML5, they can now heave a sigh of relief. In new application users can enjoy various things like browsing and searching for videos, accessing details of their accounts and with no assistance of Flash plugin. If you compare HTML5 with Flash, you will find it more flexible and efficient. This is the reason many iphone app developers now choose HTML5 instead of Flash. HTML5 does not require lot of specialized coding so it is easy to build and debug with HTML5. Today HTML 5 is being used everywhere due to multiple benefits and features.



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