HTML5 Resource Center Launched by Facebook for Developers

Facebook always has been in the news for providing something or the other to users, developers etc. This time Facebook has launched the HTML5 resource center for developers. With this new launch, Facebook is encouraging developers to ‘build the future with HTML5′. This website gives an opportunity to developers to build web apps and games, test and distribute, and also provide a showcase of what Facebook considers standout examples of HTML5-powered apps, demos and games. This is indeed a great move by Facebook that will help the developers to build, test, and deploy their app.

This is not all. Facebook has also created a Facebook Group simply called HTML5 that will let developers to get help from, or offer help to, other fellow developers. Moreover, with this feature, Facebook can now build a marketplace for its own applications without needing an operating system of its own. There are three new HTML5 resources that Facebook has launched to encourage developers.

The first is already mentioned HTML5 Resource Center. This resource will provide developers with tools and will offer suggestions to build, test and deploy Web apps. It will also offer some great tricks on how to build compelling web experiences and how to distribute them across various channels, including Facebook. This page also has some examples on how to use other Web standards such as CSS3 and JavaScript to deliver rich experiences to websites.

In addition to this, Facebook has also launched an HTML5 Blog. This includes a wide range of HTML5 topics. These are written by Facebook staff and other industry experts. And the third resource is the new Developer Group. This will be used by Facebook as a venue for developers to present their queries and share insights with their colleagues.

Facebook’s Matt Kelly has, in one of the blog posts, also cites the benefits of working with HTML5 and other related technologies, that includes all its cross platforms, cross device nature. It also provides one with the ability to code in something as simple as a text editor, in case one wants to. In the post, Matt Kelly says that in today’s time almost every device including phones, tablets, computers, and even TVs has a browser, and the developers are making use of HTML5 benefit from working with a single code base that can run on all of these devices. Thus with this benefit at their disposal, they can easily build once and deploy everywhere. It would only require a minimal amount of changes to be made for each device.

In fact, in today’s time, most of the developers, including Facebook are making use of HTML5 and its great features in developing their mobile products. It makes it much simpler for them to reach users across many different devices. Today, there are 350 million Facebook users on mobile. And according to some recent data from Facebook, these users are split fairly evenly between native apps and websites. This along with the fact that iOS is certainly never going to support Flash and other plug-ins, makes it quite clear that Facebook’s new site and emphasis on web standards will most definitely be welcomed by developers and standards advocates across the world. And this also holds true for those working with iOS.

Kelly has also mentioned in his post that since the web now allows developers to create great apps, this has ensured that things advance more rapidly. He also hopes that the new HTML5 resources will help to accelerate the rate of innovation and thereby improve the user experience when it comes to web apps.

With this new and amazing launch by Facebook, developers can look forward to a great opportunity that will enable them to use their skills in the best possible manner and getting them recognized as well. Since compatibility across platforms is guaranteed, developers can rest assured that the web apps created by them will to maximum number of users.



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