How Magento Connect Supports Various Groups within the Magento Community

Magento development is one of the most preferred options for getting a secure, flexible and advanced website. Magento connect supports various groups within the Magento community. Read further to find out how.

1. Magento Go merchants: Those who use Magento Go, a software service solution for small and emerging businesses, can now access extensions that enhance their stores. Magento go helps website owners to add versatility and flexibility to the Magento store without having to host your own site or work with code. This means that Magento provides flexibility, simplicity and confidence.

The New Magento Connect offers exactly these key benefits

a)    Flexibility: Magento extensions help business owners to customize and enhance each and every aspect of your online store. It includes front and back end, integrations with other web services, marketing tools, themes and much more.

b)    Simplicity: Magento connect also helps merchants to purchase and then activate many of these extensions with just few clicks.

c)    Confidence: These extensions tell you that Magento has reviewed them and found that they meet the required specifications for security and performance. It also tells you that the extension comes from a trusted developer who provides regular updates and technical support for that extension.

2. Magento Enterprise, professional and community users: With the Magento connect, it is now easier to find, evaluate and deploy the extensions you need. Magento connect has been redesigned keeping the requirements and input of the business owners in mind. Some of the features provided by it are

a)    Better browsing and searching: Magento connect has facilitated the improved site organization and search functionality. Hence you can now find efficiently what you are looking for.

b)    Improved Listings: Now the extension listings are more detailed. They come with screen cast videos, reviews and more. Therefore, you can now be sure whether a particular extension will be right for you, even before you buy it.

c)    Trusted Extensions (To be introduced soon): Although these extensions are currently available only for Magento Go but it is being endeavored to provide best extensions in the months ahead.

3. Magento Developers: Magento connect also provides many benefits to Magento developers. The improved functionality and features help to boost extension sales. It provides Magento developers with more ways to connect with merchants and build sales of their extensions.
The Magento developers can now

a)    Offer extensions to Magento Go merchants: The new Magento connect allows Magento developers to offer their extensions to fast growing merchant base.

b)    Market their extensions more effectively: Magento connect have some new marketing tools. It enables Magento developers to set themselves apart from the competition. It gives them an enhanced listings and better opportunities to feature their extensions across different pages of the site.

c)    Submit their extension for ‘Magento trusted extension’ status: IT also allows Magento developers to get their extensions reviewed. It helps them to provide added confidence to potential customers.

d)    They can build once and deploy many: Now Magento developers can create extension and can make it available across all Magento solutions.

4. Developers not working with Magento: Magento connect also has something to offer to those developers who have not yet worked with Magento. For them, it is an opportunity to connect with the growth of Magento. It has now become easier for them to become a part of the Magento revolution.

Magento developers have built and sold many successful Magento extensions. Now it is time for those developers who have not yet worked with Magento, to be a part of this success story. Every day, more than one thousand Magento stores come online. These include newcomers, well established retailers etc.  They all have one thing in common, that is, to develop a store that meets all their specific marketing and operational requirements. Consequently these merchants turn to Magento connect to get the extensions they need. It gives a great opportunity to developers to develop extensions that customize and extend the core functionality of the store. They can create extensions for front-end as well as back-end of the store.



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