Five Best Keyword Research Tools for Better Ranking in Search Engines

Search engine optimization has come to play a huge role in determining the success of the business web design. Search engine basically requires certain changes in the source code of the site and in the content. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc do not go by the design of the website but crawl the content of your homepage. Thus to optimize the search engine results, you must come up with suitable content, enriched with the keywords. Following are the five most preferred keyword research tools to improve to search engine rankings:

Google Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool is considered as one of the search engine optimization tools available today and the best part is that it’s absolutely free to use.

It is a very wide-ranging tool which enables you to improve the rankings of your website based on the keywords that you enter in it. It gives you the best option to choose by recommending various patterns of global and local searches, keyword options and, etc. to choose from. Besides the Google keyword tool, recently updated and now provide its users the option to choose their targeted device, for instance desktop or laptop devices or smart phones etc., category and scanning through a particular page to see the keyword density.

With plenty of additional beneficial features, it sure is an amazing tool to improve the SEO rankings.


To cater to the highly specialized needs to optimize the search engine results, Quirk’s CTO Craig Raw developed that SearchStatus. SearchStatus is backed by the giant personalities like Matt Cutts, a senior engineer for Google, Danny Sullivan, also known as the father of the search engine optimization and Geoff Mack, product manager Alexa.

On limitation of this tool is that it works well only with Mozilla Firefox. The advantage is Whenever you visit a site using Firefox, SearchStatus displays a lot of information about it like Google’s PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, keyword density, keyword / nofollow reflections, backward links from Google, Yahoo and MSN, etc. and all in one place.

And just like Firefox, even this tool is available for free so avail the benefits ASAP.

SEO for Firefox

It was recently released by Aaron Wall of SEO Book fame, specifically for SEO Firefox users. Although the tool is relatively new, but its activation gives you a host of vital SEO information sites, instantaneously. The information is visible in your Google and Yahoo Search Results and includes PageRank, age, links .edu /.gov links, bookmarks and ranks on Technorati/Alexa. However, it requires high bandwidth so disable it when you don’t need it.


It is an old favorite when it comes to improving the search engine rankings. It has the ability to differentiate between search terms that contain capitalization, word order and plurality and also enable you to save the projects with the previously saved list of keywords. Wordtracker records the vast database of keywords and phrases which users’ search for. It not only tells you how many times specific keywords or phrases have been used to perform the search, but will also provide you with co-related terminologies and keywords to choose from. The subscription to Wordtracker comes with a complete money-back guarantee and also provides you with an access to a host of additional features, including a simple search, global search, misspellings research projects of 1000 keywords and best value.

Keyword Discovery

The Keyword Discovery Tool by Trellian acquires data from an exhaustive 180 international search engine. It consists of database comprising a huge 32 billion searches of past 12 months and is preferred over Wordtracker that only uses the meta-search engines. Keyword Discovery comprises of reports on a specific keyword’s research frequency and the keywords that are specific to an industry. Besides it also includes the KEI Analysis, Keyword Analysis density, related key phrase searches, spelling and common synonyms and seasonal trends of research, etc. The results guaranteed by Keyword Discovery are more than certain to impress you and lend you long-term success.


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