Eight Different Sites That You Can Build With Drupal CMS

Drupal is one of the great content management systems that help in developing a dynamic and user friendly website. However, Drupal development has not got much hype as compared to WordPress development. No doubt WordPress designs are great but at the same time, Drupal design help in creating a unique and easy to use website. Although, Drupal is a bit complicated to learn, but if you are planning to build a large website, then Drupal is probably the most flexible open source CMS. Drupal offers some great features that give you the flexibility of creating almost any type of website you want.

Read further and you will find out about eight different types of sites that you can build using Drupal CMS.

Social Networking sites

When it comes to developing a social-networking site, Drupal is probably the best. Drupal offers’ features like a robust user management and permissions system. However, if you plan to develop a real social network, you will need to use some social-networking modules as well. There are already quite a few social networking sites running on the web. Some of these are Imbee, GoingOn etc.

File Storage site

You can create a file storage site for your client files management. You can create such a site using box.net, however, it would not give you much control over it. If you want to build a good file storage site, you can use Drupal. For this you will require CCK and Views. You will also need modules like MediaMover, Filebrowser and Web File Manager.

News portal

When it comes to building a news site or magazine, Drupal proves to be a perfect tool. You will again need CCK and Views for creating a news portal. It allows you to create any type if posts and list them in a flexible way. In fact, there are a number of news websites around the world that are based on Drupal. One fine example is the New York Observer.

Twitter clone

Although creating a Twitter clone sounds challenging, but you can give it a try sing Drupal in case you want to integrate micro blogging features to your web site. For this to be accomplished, Drupal offers a good microblogging module that allows users to send short updates.

Blog network

You can easily and conveniently create a blog network using Drupal. In fact, you do not even need any extra module to create a blog. All that you need to do is to use the built-in blog module. You can, however, make it more attractive by using some other modules. Wisebread, a popular blog network, is built on Drupal.

Image-sharing website

Drupal can prove to be immensely helpful in creating an image sharing website. Especially if you are amateur photographers associations or any group that wants to share photos. For this, you can use the Image module. It is a very powerful module and allows you to create Flickr like websites. MyFinePix, a photo sharing website created by Fujifilm is based on Drupal.

Video sharing website

A video sharing website can prove to be quite resource hungry for most people. However, if you are one of those who want to build it anyway, you can do it with perfect ease using Drupal. The FlashVideo module provides a robust solution for creating something like YouTube. It is integrated with CCK and converts videos to FLV and lets your users share videos with an embed code. However, this module is not ready for Drupal 7 yet. You can also use Media Mover and SWF Tools. MTV UK is based on Drupal.

A Digg-like news site

Yes, it is possible to create a Digg like news website using Drupal. For this purpose, you can use Digg module, which is a wonderful module and lets you to create your own Digg like website in an easy manner. The popular social news site Designbump is based on Drupal.


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