8 Low Cost and Free Tools That Acknowledge Site Abandonment by Their Visitors

The holiday season is hitting the road and that too very soon. Is this fact not making you feel as elated as it should? Are you worried about site abandonment? Are you thinking of ways to acknowledge site abandonment that are effective but cheap? If your answer is a yes, then worry no more. Here are free, cost-effective and free-to-try websites that can help you curb those site abandonment woes this holiday season:

1. 4Q: 4Q is an easy yet reliable way to know what visitors think about your website and whether they would visit it yet again or not. It is a free-to-try, easy-to-use survey that asks your visitors a few questions about their experience with your business web design. The developer of 4Q, Avinash Kaushik, finds these questions essential to measure the customer-satisfaction question of your website. With no need of pulling that credit card out at any point during the trial, this survey website is worth a quick look.

2. Ethnio: Ethnio gives you a unique solution of recruiting people directly from your website for a usability survey. It’s just a few simple steps and you are good to go with a real time report of website usability:

a. Create a screen for your website visitors can fill out.
b. Monitor the user activity on Ethnio dashboard and accordingly choose the users whom you want to participate in the usability test.
c. Get all the requisite details from the selected users.
d. Finally, initiate an interview with the users and ask them to participate in a remote usability survey using available technologies like GoToMeetiong, UserTesting.com etc.
You can take a guided tour of the application or go through a trial version for free!

3. ClickTale: As you open the dashboard of any of the analytical tools, you come across numbers that are invaluable. These numbers keep you guessing about what is that the user exactly does in your website. Now you can learn this and a lot more with the help of recorded videos of your users browsing sessions via ClickTale. ClickTale videos let you know where exactly your users click the most, in which areas did they encounter errors and when and why did they abandon the website. Try it to improve the visitor experience of your business web design.

4. Crazy Egg: Crazy Egg offers usability tools that give you a visual idea how a visitor behaves while using the website. It offers a heat map tool which justifies its name and lets you know what the user finds hot on your website and what not. It’s scroll map tool helps you determine where a visitor abandons a page. With a easy setup, the tool comes for dollar 9 per year.

5. Google Talk ChatBack: If you are the owner of a web design company, you definitely want to communicate with your visitors. You get this chance with help of Google Talk ChatBack which allows you to add chat support to your website within a few minutes. Encourage your users to share their thoughts with you live!

6. UserTesting.com: UserTesting.com gives you a free and cheap way to get videos of how a user browses through your website. For just a dollar 39, you get a dedicated panelist who talks about user experience while going through your website. A summary written by the user about their likes and dislikes is also included in this usability.

7. Kampyle: Kampyle is a basic website feedback tool that helps you learn the pain points of your visitors- what they didn’t like or what they wanted more from your website. It comes with an added advantage as it can be easily integrated with Omniture, Google Analytics and comscore. It comes in a 15 day trial pack, so try it as early as possible.

8. Usabilla: Usabilla lets you conduct small usability tests very now and then. It lets you know where the user is clicking the most and what part of the page does he or she liked or disliked the most. To improve the relevance of your website, you can couple this tool with Ethnio.

Using these 8 tools you are sure to get rid of the site abandonment bug and enjoy the holiday season to it’s fullest.



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