What Latest Features has WordPress 3.3 Brought for You?

The world famous blogging tool and publishing platform, WordPress is ready with a new version called WordPress 3.3, and we are here to provide you with an informative insight on the various new features which it has to offer. After the passé feature freeze and the beta version, we are now in a position to unveil all the new features of WordPress 3.3 and just for our curious impatient readers, we find it mandatory to inform that the release date for WordPress 3.3 is slated to be 29 November 2011. So just sit back and let’s enjoy a brief sneak peek in the upcoming features of WordPress 3.3.

Revised Flyout Menus

In the previous edition, it required the breakdown of the menu for the flyouts to appear, but this feature has been completely revised. In the upcoming version, you will get flyouts even in the full menu, and hence it will save you from the extra burdensome mouse clicks.

Though many users appreciate this new change in the WordPress, there exists a user base which is not really impressed by this change. Flyout menus are particularly discouraged by those users who have a lot of items in one tab, for instance, our settings tab. Besides it could get a little troublesome for people who use a lot of customized plugins as the flyout menu will take up the entire screen’s height. However, if you belong to the category of people who like the capability to vertically expand and collapse menu items, then owing to Mr. Aaron D. Campbell, you can achieve the same with his plugin names Expanded Admin Menus. All you need is a browser which supports JavaScript.

Radical redesign of the Admin Bar

The Admin Bar has undergone a thorough revision and is now much more users interactive and easy to use. It presents drop-down menus, which respond whenever you place the cursor on it and again save so many clicks. Even the menu is rearranged to help easily find whatever you seek. There have also been a few additions, the most obvious of it all being the addition of WordPress icon on the left side of the bar. The icon provides with many useful links like the Codex and Support forums etc.

Wherein, the previous model allowed you to disable the admin bar while viewing the dashboard, simply by un-checking the box, gladly WordPress 3.3 do not give you such an option. The admin bar and the Howdy area have been grouped together by the core development team. This has come as an attempt to further improve the functionality and reduce the virtual space. The new design is being loved and adored by many, and it appears really uncomplicated and pleasing to the eye.

Drag and Drop Media Uploader

This is one of the most exciting new features offered by WordPress 3.3. Uploading a media file couldn’t get any simpler than this. The new WordPress 3.3 will enable you to simply drag the files from the desktop and drop them in the installer for the purpose of uploading them. Besides they have even simplified the interface, by combining all the add media buttons into one. And if that’s not all, the new version also supports HTML5 and Silverlight.

Pointers of the New feature Tooltips

WordPress 3.3 makes it really easy for you to stay updated about the additions of new features etc. Whenever there is an addition of a new feature in the WordPress 3.3, you will be notified about it by the tooltips. A lot of users are fervently welcoming this development, especially those whose clients are not very much aware about WordPress.

It is not hidden how the plugin developers gained widely from these pointers. Recently Yoast released its own new version of plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast. It is clearly evident out there, how Yoast is employing all these pointers to obtain a strategic advantage and guide their users throughout his plugin:

Interactive Admin Panel
The major responsiveness is still been left for WordPress 3.4. However, WordPress 3.3 offers better user interaction and responsiveness as compared to the previous versions. The widgets are resized and it’s fun to see how the admin panel adjusts itself each time you decrease the size of your browser window or the screen size.

Permalink and Performance Issue

One of the key advantages which WordPress provides is the search engine optimization. You must have observed the concept of SEO friendly URL structure in WordPress development. In most of the cases, this is either in reference to the simple %postname% or /%category%/%postname%/. However, the truth is, before 3.2.1, critical problems could be caused in your website, due to these permalink rules, which may even result in a dysfunctional website. The problem increased with the number of web pages your website had. Because of the same issue, @chriscoyier to change the entire permalink structures of his website. It was Andrew Nacin (@nacin) who thought that since lot many users are using the permalink structures and are suffering due to it, so the issue must be fixed. And finally with WordPress 3.3 the issue has been resolved. Quite rightly, the new WordPress 3.3 will allow the Post name to be added as one of the suggested permalink option.

Live Demo For WordPress 3.3
There are a lot of seasoned WordPress users and WordPress developers who simply setup the local WordPress install and are figuring stuff out themselves. However, this whole process could be frightening for the beginners.



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