All About Usability Testing of Drupal Website

The popularity of Drupal development as a means to develop robust websites needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular open source content management systems in the world. Drupal design offers you a lot of flexibility with your website. It can be managed through a web based interface without any knowledge of coding. Drupal designers provide customized solutions to meet all the demands of your business. One of the most important things in running a highly functional Drupal website is Usability Testing.

What Is Drupal Usability Testing

You will constantly need to keep upgrading your Drupal design to keep it in sync with the latest technological development and offers more to your customers. It is very important to evaluate the impact of these changes. Do these changes make your website ‘usable’ and ‘easy to use’ or do they make it complex for the website users? It is very important that you know if these changes helped your website or hurt it to be in business.

This evaluation can be done through usability testing. It is a standard practices applied by most websites around the world to stay competitive in the market. While carrying out a usability test in your Drupal website you bring in all the elements like design, technology and psychology together. You need to be clear about your website’s goal as this will let you know where you stand with the present state of drupal development.

The website users are the lynchpin of the entire usability test. You need to be well aware of your target audience while running the test. You need to listen to them and observe user trends to your website. Your visitors will use the website and perform real tasks which help you in generating and recording data. This data is put through analysis and helps you in knowing if the changes have improved your websites or worsened it. The data gathered will help you make informed decision about your website to increase its marketability.

When To Use Usability Testing

You have introduced a major new interface element in your website. This can be an additional functionality or a new plugin that you have incorporated.
The changes that you have made into your interface can be identified as ‘major’ or ‘critical’. Running a usability test after small changes and fixing bugs will be a waste of time and labor.
A critical user experience issues has been fixed and you would like to know the response to the new solution from the website users.

How to Run a Usability Test?

If you have introduced a new UI or have moved to a new version of an existing module you should run a usability test. Study the data generated from the user experience and find out if the users experienced the intended changes. In case you observe that the users are experiencing difficulty browsing through your website you need to go back the drawing board with the data and think of a better solution.

Advantage of Usability Test

There is no bigger advantage in business than knowing what works and what doesn’t. Usability test offers you fresh data on the user behavior in your website and helps you in making changes or simple understanding their impact. A usability test will make sure that your Drupal design is user-friendly and able to attract audience. This will ensure that you stay ahead of the competition when it comes to adopting a new technology to your website.

For perfect usability testing you need to hire the services of professional drupal developers. Analyzing and interpreting data and contemplating changes to your website based on those aren’t easy and needs expertise on part of the developer. There are many CMS web design and development companies around the world who specialize in Drupal development and hiring their services will help you turn your website into a branding tool.


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