5 Reasons to Choose Magento Payment Gateways for Your Ecommerce Store


With the advent of ecommerce the rules of business has changed. Instead of a customer going to a store to buy goods, the store comes digitally on a computer, laptop or a mobile phone. As a business it is important that you cater to customers who prefer shopping online to add to your revenue. This is where Magento development can add to your competitive advantage. It is a dedicated ecommerce platform which is catering to the needs of all types of online stores from those which sell products to ones selling services. It has given a new definition to ecommerce website development.

One of the things that you should keep in mind while developing an ecommerce store is to create a secured payment gateway. With the number of attacks on online stores and phishing cases rising security of your website and customer is of utmost importance. This will help you gain a customer’s trust, which will lead to more business. Magento developers have used their expertise in creating secured payment gateways and managing customer orders online.

Users find Magento easy as it simplifies order management. The order management tool allows customers to re-order and review items that had been previously ordered in their account history. Magento’s secured payment gateway allows you and your customers to view complete history of successful orders. Magento developers have made online shopping easy, which will help you widen your customer base with time.

Advantages of Using Magento Payment Gateways

1. First and foremost, Magento development allows you to integrate major gateways of payments and apply different methods for payments from such as Credit Cards, PayPal, Online banking, etc. The gateway supports platforms like Amazon and Google too. All transactions are encrypted, which prevents them from becoming vulnerable to hacking and phishing.

2. This payment gateway also serves as a great marketing tool for you. It will allow you to send notifications to every registered customer on new product updates. This also lets you generate RSS feeds, which help in promoting your store virally and attracting new orders from customers.

3. With Magento development, you will be able to create and compare a list of products. You will be able to assign custom prices and offer discounts for each product, which lets you remain competitive in the market. The customers can easily purchase products in bulk using a Magento based online store and ship these products to different locations within the same order.

4. Magento development allows customers to print packing slips and invoices whenever they desire. This is a huge advantage over other platforms which don’t archive the orders made by a customer. Customers can access their web account and print the invoices on the click of a button. You will be able to create, view, and place orders from the administrative panel, as well create invoices, credits, and single or multiple shipments for each order.

5. Last but not the least, Magento development allows you to generate their own order call center. This is a great feature as this helps in creating new customers and gathering data on the existing customers. You will be able to view their shopping carts and also find out the items they wish to buy from their wish lists. You can notify them on the special offers available which can translate the wish list into a sale.

One failed transaction and one transaction fraud can permanently dent the name of your online store thus you need to hire the best Magento developers to create a secured payment gateway. There are a lot of web development firms around the world which specialize in Magento development, and you should hire their services for your online store. Take a look at their portfolio and discuss the scope your project with such firms as this will let you make a perfect choice for your online store.



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