Magento Plug-ins: Improve Performance of eCommerce Website

Magento is an undisputed open source eCommerce web application, which allows you to run any size of eCommerce retail operations on your site. Besides, it also allows to you present your offering to your visitors through systematic online channels. Through Magento Development, one can enhance a wide range of eCommerce plug-ins that can boost the eCommerce performance of your site. Though ecommerce Website Development is not an easy job, you can still make the most of the benefits that come with Magento by hiring expert Magento Developers. Just tell all your requirements to the Magento Developer and he/she will do the rest turning your site into a full-fledged and easy to use eCommerce Website.

best Magento eCommerce Plug-ins:

  1. Auto CrossSell Products: When you want to mechanize the product cross sell and maintain the same automatically, Auto CrossSell Products comes into picture. The plug-in automatically handles and administers the products and product sells.

  2. Lazzymonks Twitter: It is widely-used plug-in that allows you to connect to your customer on micro-blogging site Twitter.

  3. Advance Sitemap: When anyone log into to your site, he or she will obliviously like to navigate the entire product gallery conveniently. But if you have large number of products to showcase, it becomes tedious to go through the descriptions of all the products. In such as scenario, Advance Sitemap that generates a comprehensive sitemap can be of great use.

  4. J2T Points & Rewards: This plug-in help you award points to your customers, ensuring their second visit to your site.

  5. Fooman Google Analytics Plus: Understanding your customers’ requirements may prove to be rewarding for the success of your business. And Fooman Google Analytics Plus just makes it possible for you. With the help of this plug-in you can monitor the behaviors of customers and make changes accordingly.

  6. Canonical URLs for Magento: This plug-in help you control the duplication of the content of your site by automatically creating canonical tags. So, whenever you add a new product, the plug-in will automatically create canonical tag for the same.

  7. Checkout Newsletter: It will allow you send newsletter to your customers. This way you can keep updating your customers with the new products and offers on the site.

  8. MostViewed module: Besides their own choices, people are usually interested in knowing what products other customers prefer these days. With the help of MostViewed module, you list the products, which are viewed the most on the site.

  9. Magento EasyLightbox: It is used to display product as lighboxes.

  10. Fontis SecurePay: Fontis SecurePay incorporates SecureXML gateway, which ensures secure payment gateway on your site.

  11. Yoast MetaRobots: No one can afford to ignore the importance of Search Engine Optimization as it diverts traffic to website. Adding Meta tags is an important function of SEO activities. Yoast MetaRobots adds Meta robots tags to the pages of your Magento site. Remerce CMS Meta Robots is another such plug-in.

  12. MailChimp ECommerce360 Reporting: MailChimp ECommerce360 Reporting is one of the most important plug-in that increases the efficiency of your operations. This plug-in keep a record of your email campaign and indicates several valuable data such as the number of clicks on email, visits to your site, etc.

  13. Product Gallery Importer: It comes into picture when you need to import images of your products gallery from CSV file.

  14. Change Attribute Set: It is useful to change the products description after you register the products on the site.

  15. Events Calendar: it is a common but important feature allowing you to display your upcoming events on the page, which help customers to be updated with your future plans.

Besides all these important plug-ins, Teaserbox, Magento EasyTabs, Fooman Invoice Order Number, Exploded Menu, IW PayPal Standard Currencies, Post Affiliate Pro Connector, etc. are some of the other useful plug-ins that can help you improve the overall performance of your eCommerce website. All these plug-ins can be incorporated with the help of experienced Magento Developers.



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