WordPress Website: Too Much Support and Security

Support and Security are among the thousands of features that come with WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Though the CMS is free, it is appreciated for the classic support and security tools that attract people, which according to the WordPress Organization are over 60 million in number, to choose the CMS the most to host their sites for different purposes.  WordPress is an open source content management system and supported by a large Community of WordPress Developers around the world. Since the CMS is supported by an open community and not by a limited number of people, it has grown as the most secure platform. Besides, the availability of free plugins and themes is another advantage that allows you to “transform your site into almost anything you can imagine.”

Is security so important? –

Of course, it is. People do not choose WordPress for fun, but they run serious businesses using this very popular publishing platform. Hence, they never wish the time and money invested in building the WordPress site to go vain due to any possible hacking activity. Brute-force login attempts, Spam comments, SQL injection attacks and attacks on the vulnerability of the plugins, specially the old ones are the possible issues that can hinder the smooth operations of your site.

So, it is always advisable to ensure the complete security of your website even if you consider that your site is not big enough to be HACKED. You should make the most of WordPress Development advantages by enhancing the plugins that are sure to boost the security of your site. Some of these plugins are IP Ban, Akismet, Capability Manager, SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam, WP Security Scan, etc.

Instructions to ensure the security of WordPress site-

The moment you install WordPress, you are provided with an Admin user, which is of course a default user for login to your dashboard. This Default Admin control is the first thing; a hacker will enjoy breaking to enter into your site. So, create a new user and delete the default Admin user. Besides, you should always create a strong password. WordPress allows you to generate a strong password with the help of a PHP script.

WordPress is open source CMS. The codecs of old versions are available to anyone that makes it easy for some people to develop bugs to break into your user control section. Hence, it is suggested to keep updating your WordPress versions, which are improved in order to make the security features strong. And you should also remove the version number of the WordPress release you are using for your site. It will restrict hackers to understand how to crack into your security.

Make your site read-only. To do this, you will have to login to you FTP server and change file permission to 0744 from 0777. It will disallow hackers if they try to change your files on server. However, even if you change the file permission, you should keep back-up of all the files. You can do this by using WordPress plugin called as WordPress Database Backup.

You may find it little strange that the plugins that you use for WordPress Development may also be hacked. So, the plugin should also be hidden. Use the path – /wp-content/plugins/ to hide you plugins.

WordPress provides several Antivirus Programs to its users. Activating Antivirus may help you get notified about the possible malware on your site.

There are several other plugins that after enhancements can boost the security of your site such as Login LockDown that inform you about the failed login attempt allowing you to disallow brute force password discovery; Chap Secure Login to encrypt your password; WP-DB Manager, which is used to repair and backup database; myEASYbackup that allows you to restore or back up your files and mySQL tables; Antispam Bee to protect your site from possible spam; etc.

It is quite obvious that not everyone can implement or enhance all these features as it requires minimum technical knowledge of several WordPress Development or open source CMS Web Design processes. Hence, the idea of hiring expert WordPress Developer is always encouraged. There are some highly reputed companies, which can do the job for you.



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