Responsive Web Design: A New Dimension in Web Design and Development Arena

There was a time when business web design would mean designing a website for access from laptops and desktops. Most developers didn’t even develop websites keeping in mind that users can access their website from mobile phones. In the last few years there has been a surge in people using hand held devices to access the Internet. The popularity of smartphones, tablets and kindles has given a completely new dimension to custom website development.  ‘Responsive Web Design’ which caters to the interest of heterogeneous group accessing your website using multiple devices has emerged as a profitable solution for businesses.

In technical terms the basic concept of responsive web design revolves around the process of developing websites which can react to a user’s actions and automatically detect the medium or the devices which is being used to access the website. On in simple terms this solution makes your website responsive to the external elements. A responsive web design allows you to offer the best possible experience with your custom web design to the visitors. The responsive architecture of such websites can be attributed to some of the robust features that power responsive web design.

Highlights of Responsive Web Design

Flexible Screen Resolution –

Your business web design needs to cater to multiple devices and thus the screen resolution needs to be flexible. In responsive web design you can use the CSS file and cater to different devices. You need to keep in mind that key information should remain visible to the users without a screen scroll. The font size should be optimized for easy viewing on smartphones and tablets. Remember it is not only resizing but reorganizing all the elements in a website to offer better user experience.

Fluidity in Images –

The images need to be fluid to adjust to the devices being used to view the website. Adjusting just the width and the height as per the screen resolution isn’t going to help as this doesn’t optimize the load time of the images. You should make use of the CSS overflow property to scale the images and make sure you set the maximum width to 100% as this will help in loading the images fast on different devices.

Layout Structure Is Key –

One of the major challenges multi-device custom web development comes with designing the layout structure of the website. The layout should be able to accommodate all the elements irrespective of the browser and the device being used to. In responsive web design you can set an optimum width parameter which allows the layout to fit into all the browsers. The grid structure is made flexible by using the percentage value of the screen size taking different devices into account.

Responsive Containers –

To make the website further responsive to different devices you should make the layout frame flexible in HTML by using media queries where multiple layouts can be created within the same HTML document. This is popularly known as the container. In the style sheet you can specify parameters like orientation, screen resolution, colors etc. to offer great experience to the users.

Responsive web design is a new and very skill oriented development technique. Very few developers have mastered the art of this kind of web design. It requires developers to understand the minutes of all the devices for which your website is being designed to offer a customized solution. You should only hire a professional web design company with sufficient expertise in this technology. Take a look their past projects to get a clear idea of their skills and expertise as this will help you reach a wise decision.


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