Install and Configure Apache Web Server on GNU/Linux

Apache Web Server..


This is a tutorial that explains how we can install and configure an Apache Web Server on a computer that is either connected to a local network or the Internet. Apache is a free software(HTTP Server) that powers more than 50% of the worlds websites.

Required Packages:


NOTE: Distributions may pack ‘httpd’ with a different name, like for instance ‘apache‘ or ‘apache2‘. Use your native package manager(apt-get, yum, pacman, emerge) to install httpd.

Connect to the Desired Network:

Get connected to your desired network, either a local network or the Internet. Once you are connected it’s time to note your ip address.

# ifconfig connection_port


# ifconfig eth0

One more example that can be used in RedHat/CentOS or Gentoo,

# ifconfig eth0 | grep inet | awk '{ print $2 }'

The ip address should be…

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