A Tutorial on How to Make Focal Points in Web Design

Nowadays it is the computer which is something found all over the place even also everyone’s home. At the same time people have become very much fluent in working in the midst of the Internet. As the concept of Internet changes every day, its use becomes broader and even farther broader. Students have a preference to have a computer by the side of with Internet in their desk. In the Internet, it is the websites by means of which one can get a hold on any news all over the world. Websites are the base of full web system. Web designers create custom designed websites for unique appearance. There is a focal point of every website where website viewer gives attention in his/her first look. The focal point always directly related to goal and also the priority of the website. It is not mandatory in custom web development that a website has a single focal point, sometimes website has more than one focal point. But it is always better that website has a particular focus point. Most of the website viewers impress on that point.

Before setting the focal point, it is essential to select the place to set focal point. Most of the website viewers visit home page of any website that’s why most of the web designers set focal point in home page. But making focal point only for home page is a most common mistake for web designer. Every page has a different focal point, it is very essential as well as a good sign of well designed website. After selecting place to set focal point next important thing is how to create focal point. There are many different ways to make focal point. Like—


Most popular way to make focal point is typography. Typography is nothing but an easy way to attract people to see website with the help of variation of typing. Different type of style, different size of letter, variety of front color, which can make a catchy look of any website, is the most common and easy way to make focal point. Fajne Chlopaki’s website uses typography artistically to grab the user’s eye ball. The three level visibility of Eduardo de la Rocque is a trick or right use of typefaces and sizes.


Another way is illustration which can make focal point very easily. Illustration is nothing but graphical component which can convey message very easily to the website visitor. Illustration also helps in hooking a user’s attention to the website. WPCoder is famous for its beauty. All thanks to the appropriate use of illustrations. Aka-Acid could be a design marvel if the use of focal points were right.

Big buttons in website

Most generalize way to make focal point is use of big button in website. Big button is almost used in each and every website. This is the oldest and safest way to make focal point. The big and colourful buttons of Fatburgr are the first thing in the website that catches the user’s attention. SolidShops is another example of the right use of buttons to create focal points.

use white spaces

The simplest way to make focal point is using white space. White space can easily draw attention of website viewer. Apple makes the apt use of white space to grab the eyes of its users.

Website Decoration

Decoration is another way to create an effective focal point. Decoration is the easiest way to divert attention to a particular element in a surrounding. In 3rdM the only thing that catches attention is the colour blue. Other than this anything which catches the attention are the big sized icons. Not only making focal point is essential for custom website development/designing but decoration is also very essential for website. Each and every web page has to represent something very unique with well decoration. There are many ways to make web page catchy to attract people but most important thing is web page never be catchy without focal point.



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