4 Problems and Their Solutions: Why Website Doesn’t Convert Visitors to Customers?

An artistically done business web design might fail to attract visitors or convert them to sales. Wondering why this happens? The reason – there are a few basis of web design and web application development that which many developers fail to follow. They concentrate on the design ignoring the building blocks of web development. This result – well-developed websites perform below their potential resulting in loss of traffic and revenue.

Let’s take a look at four common errors that people make and the custom web development solutions which can help you turn your website into your most powerful marketing tool. These are simple things which we often tend to ignore.

Targeted Keywords & Landing Page –

Do some targeted keywords lead a user to the wrong page? Your keyword research and optimization needs a complete overhaul. If you are running a PPC campaign it will become toothless and not yield effective results with such miss-match in keywords and landing pages. For instance if you are running an ecommerce website a search based on the key phrase “computer accessories” should lead a user to the section which deals with the computer accessories and not to the home page or any other section of the website. This will help in increasing the conversion rate of your website enormously. Also ensure that you use a combination of broad as well as niche keywords to target traffic to your website.

Call To Action –

This happens with quite a few business web design where you reach the homepage or other landing page and don’t know what to do. This is where good ‘call to action’ object can turn your visitors into your customer. ‘Buy Now’, ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Download’ are some of the example of ‘call to action’ objects. It can be in the form of a simple link or a graphical object which guides a user to another section of a website. You can also apply web applications development to create a dynamic ‘call to action’ tool. It is important to keep in mind that you don’t clutter your page as this distracts the visitor’s attention from good ‘call to action’ objects.

Use Flash Judiciously –

It is a known secret than many developers use flash to hide the lack of matter in their website. The gloss and the animation attract the users at the first look but fail to add to your business. Beyond the homepage these websites don’t have anything whatsoever. The argument isn’t against using Flash but make sure that the website is rich in content if you want to reap benefits out of it. Flash websites should have a good ‘call to action’ and lead visitors to content rich sections in your website.

Be Informative –

You are not the biggest brand on earth and shouldn’t expect people to know you. You have to take your message to the visitors to popularize your brand. Create a great “About Us” page which should also include a small biography of your company and give a brief about the people who founded the company. It would also be good to talk about your customer service reputation or add some testimonials from your clients. Create a good “Contact Us” page with a physical address mentioned on it as it increases the credibility of your brand. Don’t merely use a Contact Us form as there may be people who would want to instantly contact you.

These things kept in mind will help you improve the traffic and functionality of a website. Custom web development solution tests the expertise of the developers and it is very important that you hire the services of a good development firm for the same. Custom website development isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and thus be very choosy about developers you hire for the project to reap maximum benefits out of your business web design.



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