10 Deliberations You Must Know About User Generated Content

User generated content is one of the hottest things in the world of web design. This is very useful as this will keep the website updated and rank high on the search engines. In case of ecommerce website development user generated content increases the credibility of the website. Things like product reviews, photos, questions and answers, video, blogs, comments and social media updates form common user generated content. A good ecommerce web design company will make use of all these features to make your online store popular.

Here are 10 celebrations that you should know about user generated content

1. Is It Right for You? –

What works for eBay may not work for you and you need to bear this is mind. The content generated by the users should make sense with the products or services you plan to sell. A single text review, video or photo added in sites like eBay will result in more sales than yours. So you need to create a strategy which matches your need.

2. Moderation Is Important –

You can’t allow users to publish any product reviews, videos, photos or comments as this may hurt your brand identity. You need to make sure that you have the resources and setup to moderate this content in a timely manner. You will also need to restrict the amount of content generated by a user in a certain time period to avoid misuse of the site.

3. Privacy Issues –

In ecommerce web development customers need to be assured of their privacy and more so when the content is user generated. Your users cannot be personally victimized for the content they publish on the website and you need to protect their privacy at every cost.

4.Site Search –

Make sure the ecommerce web design company you hire develops a good site search engine. The search results need to be indexed logically and filtered based on their type such as text, images, comments and videos.

5. Ownership –

Who owns the content? This is one of the greatest concerns relating to user generated content especially when it comes to videos and photos. Many reviews and analytics might own the content published in your site. This might lead to severe copyright violations so you need to solve this problem.

6. Content Optimization –

Like all websites user generated content sites also need to be optimized. The text, images and videos in your website need to be optimized for better results.  You will also need to take care of misspellings, synonyms and acronyms that customers will use. Avoid the use of frame as this will hurt your search engine ranking.

7. Storage –

Huge volume of content will also create the requirement of storage. This content may be stored in the CMS, third-party sites or custom database and you need to consolidate it for more user-friendliness.

8. Syndication –

Would you like to syndicate your content with shopping search engines and other review website? This will definitely increase the popularity of your website but can also result in a high bounce rate. You need to take a calculated risk on this factor and see if such syndication can increase your conversion rate.

9. Content Generation Process –

It is very important that you have an advanced content uploading process which is login based. You need to make it secured so that your website doesn’t fall victim to spamming.

10. Platform v/s Custom Development –

This is one dilemma that you might face whether to go for a platform or opt for custom website development. Choosing the latter would add to your brand value. You need to make sure that you hire the services of a good ecommerce web design company to develop a user generated content website. There are many companies which specialize in user generated content web design and hiring their services would be ideal for your business.



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