HTML5: 5 Points That Every Publisher Should Know

HTML5 is the latest in the family of the markup language which have been the building blocks for a majority of websites over the last two decades. This amazing and robust platform has taken web development to a new level with websites becoming smarter, faster and better. This has emerged as a one-stop solution for all the web development needs both in terms of technology and visual appearance. Here are five things that every publisher should know about HTML5.

1. Advanced Web Development

HTML5 revolutionizes the concept of web development and it won’t be wrong to say that with its advanced features it has brought the focus back to web as in the last few years most developers had shifted focus on developing application for the mobile and gaming platform. It speeds up web development thanks to a lot of advanced features which automate some basic areas of web development. With HTML5 it is possible to write web applications which can be accessed with a browser. Features like geo-location, canvas and cross document messaging take web development to a new level. HTML5 by itself lets you design interactive website without the use of applications such as Flash.

2. XHTML Is A Passé

XHTML had become the preferred choice of many developers around the world due to some of the shortcomings of HTML. Most of the developers loved XML so they took the HTML language and put it into the XML lingo and thus XHTML was born. Now that HTML5 has forayed into the market you can be rest assured for it to take care of all your development needs. HTML5 spec is written such that you can write HTML5 with strict XML syntax and it will work. You can send an XML MIME type the user agents will analyze it as an XML document. What you get as a result is the best of both the worlds.

3. It Performs Cross Platform

This is one the biggest advantage of HTML5 and as a publisher you should keep in mind that it works across a wide range of devices, from PC browsers to mobile phones, tablets, and even Smart TVs. This is a great advantage over native applications which were device dependent and had to be completely redesigned. You can market the same application over multiple platforms and add to the advantage of your business. Applications designed in HTML5 don’t need to be installed to as you can run them instantly.  Apart from this it also allows host of cloud-based features, ranging from social systems to persistent game worlds.

4. Competition With Flash

Ever since HTML5 made its entry into the market some have dubbed it as a Flash killer while the supporters of Flash haven’t really lend much ear to this debate. But you as a publisher need to know the pros and cons of this platform in comparison with Flash. When it comes to videos Flash has ruled the market over the years and its advancements in video is a testimony to that. Flash videos are easy to integrate in website and HTML5 is giving it a run for its money. Regular improvements are being seen with HTML5 video and it has truly emerged as a perfect alternative to Flash even if not a better one.

5. Real Time Data

As an advertiser or a publisher there is nothing more precious to you than to get real time update on your content and campaign and HTML5 lets you do just that with its geo-location feature. This makes your advertisement scalable as you can know where a user is reading your post or viewing your ad with due permission from the user. This feature also allows you to accurately render a version of the multi-lingual website based on the user’s native language.

If you keep these things in mind, you will make most out of HTML5 and will be able to develop a robust website.



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