7 Valuable Check Points for Creating Effective FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) is one of the most important tools that help you build user-friendly website. The tool is unavoidable when you provide rich information about any subject on your website. When a user opens your website, he may not be interested in the lengthy user guide or a long list of instructions, which is organized by you systematically as he/she may just be looking for some specific information.

what is FAQ Section? –

A FAQ section is an organized list of questions that users usually ask or the questions, you think should be answered to your visitors. Now, Understand! Since, your website may differ in terms of their nature – it may be Education Portal, an eCommerce Application, a Downloading Platform, or an e-Learning website, your FAQs will also differ. So, just forget about copying questions from any other site. You should yourself prepare questions for FAQs on your site. Off course, you can take help from other similar site on internet but if you want to attract visitor towards your site and provide them comprehensive information about your website, product, services, etc., it is necessary you research a lot and create an effective FAQs.

Before you read the steps to create effective FAQs, you should also understand following tips, which are sure to help you prepare intensive FAQs and increase the significance of the tool:

Gather Appropriate Question: –

Open your site and navigate its pages considering yourself a user and then analyze what questions arises in your mind as a lay man. Just note all these queries and write the answers in a simple language.

Place the Tool Appropriately: –

Have you given the link to FAQs page at bottom? If you have, remove it immediately. You should place the tool in such a manner that it is visible to your readers easily. Remember FAQs page is as important as your home page. In fact, more important than your home page!

Make the page readable: –

Use decent color combination to distinguish Questions and Answers. Use good fonts and their size. Go back to your school days, when you used to write your answer sheets in exams!

Categorization of Questions: –

Do not create a long page containing Questions and then Answers, instead hyperlink all the Questions to ensure your visitors can read all the questions without scrolling down the page for hours. There may hundreds of sections for FAQs. For example, you may like to answer about the navigation process on your site, payment options, product information, downloading instructions, and many more. So, it is always better to create different sections and title them intelligently. It would help your visitor to go to the relevant page and find solve their queries.

Check Points to Increase Effectiveness of FAQ Pages –

1. Significance: It is very important to understand if the FAQ page is necessary at all. If you really think there are questions, which need to be answered, go for it otherwise just mention all the information in ‘About Us’ Section.

2. Keyword Search: No one would prefer to go though the entire list of Questions and would like to jump to the desired questions immediately. Isn’t it? So, it is always suggested you put a ‘search questions’ tab on FAQs page.

3. It is FAQ and not WAF: WAF is Wished to Be Asked Questions do not answer questions, which you want to answer. FAQ is a not a page to boast about your website, products, services, etc. it has nothing to do with your achievements. You should always incorporate questions, which user needs.

4. Create Hyperlinks: Wherever you feel that a certain sentence or jargon on your website may not be understood by your user, create a hyperlink to FAQ page. It will serve two purposes. First your user will happen to see the FAQ page, which they might not visit otherwise and second, it will make the experience user-friendly as they will get the answer, they are looking for, proactively.

5. ToolTips: It is tool to provide a brief idea about a certain section on the site with a popup box.

6. SEO: You can frame your questions in the way they are generally searched on search engines. It will make your page SEO friendly.

7. Simplicity: FAQ is provided to make the user-experience simpler. Do not make it complex by putting cumbersome content on the page or writing questions in highly technical language.



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