20 Best Social Media Plugins of WordPress

Professional bloggers are very well aware with the importance of using social media. Today, the social media has become an essential part of blogging and if you do not cover a variety of social features expected by visitors like sharing options, authentication, profile summaries and buttons, etc., you blog will not be able to attract a good number of visitors. Thanks to WordPress development, as this blogging tool allows you to reach more readers by using social media plugins of WordPress. This CMS web design tool provides plenty of plugins to enhance your blog’s optimization for social media. These plugins can tremendously boost the popularity of your WordPress blog in short span of time. Let’s see 20 best social media plugins of WordPress.

1. Share This

By using this plugin users can add your post to many social bookmarking sites, or they can send a link to your post via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Moreover, this plugin allows you to change the colors to go with your website and provide tracking reports.

2. Simple Twitter Connect

This plugin allows you to include functionality to your blog by using Twitter like identity and authentication. This means by using Twitter, you can log into your blog, users can post comments and tweet those comments, and you can auto-tweet new posts.

3. Follow Me

By using this plugin you can display the links to all your social media profiles in just one, easy to access button.

4. Sociable

This is one of the most popular social media plugins of WordPress. This plugin will place the buttons to numerous social bookmarking sites on each of your posts, so that users can easily vote for you. It also allows you to choose the buttons you want to include.

5. Antisocial

This plugin is the reverse version of Sociable and includes nofollow tags to the links positioning towards the social media sites. This tag keeps the link fluid on your webpage, which is good for SEO results.

6. Notable

It is quite similar to Sociable plugin and allows you to place buttons to different social media sites on each of your blog posts.

7. Gregarious

With Gregarious you can promote your blog posts on Digg, Reddit, Del.icio.us and many more. It provides many different options that you can customize according to your needs.

8. Lifestream

This plugin allows you to easily integrate your social network activity across the web. Lifestream is a very flexible platform which permits the developers to integrate any kind of activity they want.

9. Meet your commenters

This WordPress plugin presents web pages and profiles of those users in the dashboard who comment on your blog and write comments with their URLs. Thus, you can view the profiles of your visitors in social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

10. Retaggr

This plugin supplies definitive profile, unique contact point to create Interactive Business Card for yourself, and take your profile with you.

11. Add to Any Bookmark Button

By using this plugin, you can create a simple bookmark button that permits the visitors to bookmark the page with any bookmark manager they want.

12. Digg This

In compare to other social media sites, Digg has the capability to send more traffic in short period of time. By placing the button directly on your WebPages with this plugin, you can make it simpler for your users to digg your posts.

13. I Love Social Bookmarking

It allows the users to vote for your blog posts by using a drop down menu to choose a social media site.

14. SphinnIt Button

Sphinn is a social media site created for internet marketing and search-related topics, and by using this plugin your readers can simply Sphinn your posts.

15. Instant Highlighter

When visitors click on highlighter button, their mouse cursor changes to a pen and then they can highlight and post any part of your web-page to any Social Network or Social Bookmark sites.

16. Interactive Video Plugin

This plugin has the facility to upload, record, and import the videos directly to your post. Apart from this you can even edit and remix the content with an online video editor, manage and track your video content, enable video responses and much more.

17. DandyID Services

DandyID is a free service that facilitates you to connect, manage, and share your online identities from a single location. This plugin retrieves all your DandyID online identities.

18. Add Me Dichev

By using this plugin, you can generate automatic bookmarks links for more than 60 social networks.

19. Blogroll Links

It is an open source WordPress plugin that uses WordPress built-in Blogroll features and presents links to friends’ home pages. And, also presents own pages on social networking sites by using XFN in the links.

20. Refer Notes

This plugin is used to present a custom welcome message to the site visitors who are referred to your site from other site domains like Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit.



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