Tips to Enhance the Performance of Ecommerce Product Pages

The backbone of your ecommerce website development is the product page of the online store. The product page plays a decisive role in the success of your ecommerce website. If the product page is welcoming and dynamic, it will obviouly attract a lot of users, if however it is lethargic and below the standards, the online users will be massively discouraged to opt for your products and services.
Provided below in the article are a few points which you may keep in mind, in order to enhance the performance of your ecommerce website design.

1. Provide Enough Product images –

Your ecommerce website must provide the users with a wide number of images in order to comprehensively display the products. Unlike the physical, the online store users are not in any sort of physical contact with the products, thus the only sense which takes part in the buying process is the sight. Hence it is imperative for the online store owners to provide beautifully illustrate the product page. It is a common sight to visit website which would still have the images of outdated products. The best way to escalate the performance of your ecommerce website product pages is to provide the users with amazing and thorough photographs. Multiple photographs per products and also provide zoom in and zoom out options to help the users view the products with fine detailing.

2. Keep it Simple and Elegant –

The product page of your ecommerce website development is not the right place for you to try it with a lot of designs, layouts and creativity. The product page of the ecommerce website will already be flourishing with a lot of images and details itself, thus the best idea is to give the users with simple product display page, which rather presents the products in the best possible way instead of confusing and intimidating for the users. Thus do not experiment needlessly with the product page, instead present it nicely and in a simple way.
Another issue to keep in mind is to add the “Add to Cart” action button as close to the price field, as possible besides make certain the prices and add to card buttons are not displayed below the fold of the website. They should be clearly visible in the single look at your website.

3. Remember always the need for speed–

The Internet users are quite impatient today and if they have to wait for too long for your web page to download on the web browser, it will probably be a discouraging factor for them. Though there is not much which you can do in this regards, because the circumstances bounds you, you should at least be aware of what all are the performance killers of your ecommerce website design. If your product page comprises of a lot of pictures, it will surely make the web page heavier and will be a detrimental factor in the performance of your ecommerce website. The only thing which you can do is be ultra careful and precise with the kind of images you take of your products. They should be adequately resized and web and search engine optimized in order to escalate your business. Besides set priority to different products and use multiple images for the high critical products.
Another factor which adds on the lethargic performance of your website is the use of fonts and colors in the web page. You need to check the stock availability in the various fonts and colors which you have employed for your ecommerce website design product page.

4. Pay attention to the content –

You may see that your online store and your competitors online store carrying the same product description with just a little bit of variation. It is one of the biggest mistakes one can make when it comes to search engine optimization of your business web design as search engines look for and give preference to the unique content. What your product description must contain is a brief introduction to the product store and a “read more” section which redirects the users to the detailed product description of the product pages. Thus the trick here is to be original and concise with the content regarding the ecommerce store and its products.

5. Pay attention to the “call to action” buttons–

Call to action buttons are prompt buttons which directs the users for a particular task. The call to action buttons in your ecommerce web design must be adequately added. They should not just remain somewhere in the entire website but should be distinctly visible and noticeable by any user. Their presence in the ecommerce web design must be unmistakable.

6. Lastly, you got to earn their trust –

An online shopper is insecure an in order to increase the performance of your product page and make the online business more profitable, you would have to earn their trust. One easy way to do that is provide with customer reviews and critics ratings of your products. The critics must be the accomplished people of the industry. Besides you have the option of winning the trust of the users depending upon the number of tweets you get about your website, Facebook likes and Google plus one etc. Provide the users with a comment section which will only help in advertising your products to the prospected buyers.



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