A Brief Insight of few WordPress Plugins Used for Font Replacement

ou might have rarely noticed but it is a fact that when you talk about the text on your website, fonts become an important element to be considered wisely. There are certain sections on your web pages such as Header, Footer, Body Text, Titles, Widgets, Achieves, etc. which should be beautifully written in order to make them readable. A text which is not readable is only going to irk your visitors. And do not be surprised to learn that it can force them to shut the page down or view any other website. If this happens, you are less likely to inform your visitors about your offerings or just any information which you want to share with them. Remember, the appearance of the website is a first thing which is going to attract a visitor. Hence, text which is written using beautiful fonts becomes very important.

You took an excellent decision when you chose WordPress to host your site. However, it is enhancement of free plugins available with WordPress that actually make your website a full-fledged application. So going for WordPress Development is always a right thing to do to make your website look like the way you want. For font replacement, WordPress offers several plugins which are free. You just need to develop them. If you are not comfortable to undertake the job on your own, you can always hire an expert WordPress Developer to perform the task for you.

Certain WordPress Plugins to decorate your site with sensible fonts


Fontific is one of those widely preferred WordPress Font Plugins, which is easy to install and activate. When you actually activate the plug-in, you can view the preview that makes the work easy and convenient for you. The best thing about Fontific is that it works seamlessly with Google Web and Fonts API that further enable you to use hundreds of free fonts for personal and commercial websites.


WP-Cufon is another simple-to-use font plug-in available with WordPress. You just need to upload your font files to font directory to activate WP-Cufon. You can control the replacement of fonts from admin menu. The only disadvantage with this plug-in is that you need to host the font files on your own.

Typekit Fonts for WordPress:-

Typekit Fonts for WordPress is best plug-in when you wish to use Typekit Fonts. This plug-in also gives you access to hundreds of free fonts, which can be used to beautify the content on your site. But you need to pay if you want to choose more than limited fonts available with the Typekit Plug-in.

Font Deck:

Fontdeck is also a paid plug-in but it is affordable. It offers a range of fonts, which are as cheap as $2.50. Install plugins directory, activate the same, create the website project on the Fontdeck and just add your fonts. Further, from plug-in setting page, you can choose the text you want to change the font for.

WP Web Fonts:-

It is not possible to ignore WP Web Fonts while talking about Font Plugins of WordPress. WP Web Fonts also work with Google Web Fonts. So, you can search whatever font you like on Google and simply copy paste the coding to activate the same on our WordPress site. Remember copy-pasting the code is unavoidable process to use this plug-in.

WP Google Fonts:-

Like WP Web Fonts, WP Google Fonts is also easy to be used by both technical and non-technical users. You just need to select the fonts from the dropdown menu and implement the same on your website.

Any Font:-

As the title of the plug-in itself suggest, allows you to use just any TrueType of OpenType font on your site. Actually, AnyFont uses FontServ.com and convert fonts to various formats. It is enabled with font managers that make the job of uploading the font easy for you. Besides, there are various other style options, which you can apply to make the content more effective.
With all the above mentioned WordPress Font Plugins, you have feasibility to set up CSS selectors and create a customized style sheet. All the plugins are easy to be integrated with the help of easy WordPress Development process.


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