5 Different Ways to Check The Performance of Your Website

The present competitive era has brought about the need to be informed and aware about all the dynamic forces operating in the market. It no longer suffice to be self sufficient and provide good quality features, but it is vital to be better, better than the competitors. Provided below is the compilation of 5 highly advantageous tools which you can employ, in order to learn the performance of your website and how it is doing as compared to the competitors. These tools cover a wide spectrum of your website performance evaluation, ranging from SEO, social bookmarking to business ratings and speed performance etc.

Competitive Benchmarks

Google Benchmarking
Various anxieties related to the traffic of your website an bounce back rate could now be easily solved with Google Benchmarking. It provides you with an opt-in benchmarking service through which you can check and compare how your website is doing in comparison with the other related websites. Thus if you are facing the problem of high bounce back rate, you can check if it is just your website, or perhaps a high bounce back rate is a feature of kind of market you are dealing in.

Coremetrics Benchmarks
This benchmark is a personal favorites of a lot of developers. This benchmark collects data from the Coremetrics customers, which may be of a smaller size than the Google, but unlike Google which requires to share your data via opt in, it is free to access even for non customers.
Along with that, Corematrics also provide you with extra information, which comprises that average order value, conversion rate and items per sale. The reports are available on the US and UK website, and are updated on a quarterly basis, and can be easily downloaded.

Compete.com and Google Trends
Very much like the Google trends for websites, Compete.com reports the traffic trends for various websites.
This tool not only helps you in knowing the popularity levels of your website as opposed to competitors but it also helps in media buying. A website may claim to have an enormous number of visitors in a particular month, but that might just be seasonal fluctuations and doesn’t necessarily show trends of traffic. Similarly, if the traffic in a particular season has been low, then perhaps there is not much reason to worry about.
The Compete.come comes with a paid version too which is immensely advantageous. Along with showing traffic stats, it also shows you the stats of the traffic, demographic, the gain or loss, paid search, etc.


Open Site Explorer is perhaps the best available tool for checking backlinks in the present times. Instead of pulling out the crucial information out of the competitors, like search engine, API, SEOmoz, it has in built system which gets fixated on the search engines, index the page on their own and subsequently develop their own MozRank of the page and provides you with valuable inputs.

It is imperative for the business house to take care of the Backlinks information because some of your ompeting sites may have their back links on the most popular and high authoirty sites. Thus you must work towards the Public Relations for your firm and develop your own link building campaign in order to register the back links on the most popular websites and possess good search engine rankings.

Social Sentiment

As the name suggests, these apps takes into consideration the sentiments being voices by the people about your brand name or related keywords. These are natural language processing apps and records whatever people are talking about your company and services on the social media platform. One of the disadvantage of using this app is that it cannot completely and intelligently differentiate between the neutral and negative comments for instance it takes “not bad” as “bad” and puts it in a negative comment, however such an analysis leaves the website owners with fruitful information.

Though there are several sentimental apps available, we provide you with the top three most favored of such apps:

Twitter sentiment
Though this app doesn’t always projects the right sentiments in the right category, but still leaves you with enough information to rectify the lost errors and update the results yourself. Besides you can save the searches for later use or between certain time frame.

Though the scope of previous app was limited to Twitter, this app goes much beyond that. Search more information with Socialmention.com including the blog posts, videos, news, Question and Answers and etc. Also, the date and export tools being provided by Socialmention is much more than the same being provided by Twittersentiment.

As complicated as it may seem to spell, Twittratr has perhaps the most beautiful user interface. However it lacks in the functions that the other two apps provide. Firstly it is strictly limited to Twitter and secondly, you cannot even edit the information being provided to you by this application.
However there is nothing you can do to update the data provided, at least be rest assured that you will receive the finest quality service. With this App, you can easily identify the opportunities for improving your business and can satisfy the customers in a better way.

Business Ratings

Are the ratings being given to you by the Google Product Search combines the business ratings that you receive from all the review sites including BizRate, ePinions and Yahoo? However, now you can know the same by checking out your site in Google Products sections and searching for the above categories, simply by changing the domain name from www.google.com to your own domain name.

This is a preferred app because it breaks down the entire chunks of information to certain specific groups and categories like ordering processes, shipment processes, customer services and etc.

Site performance

Perhaps the basic criteria for a site performance has to be its loading speed, the levels of customer satisfaction that it provides and its search engine rankings as well. With the WebPageTest tool, you avail yourself a wide range of benefits, including the noteworthy features like a waterfall view of your load speed and the check list for checking page optimization.


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