3 Major Mistakes that Web Programmers Generally Commit

In the world of web programming and web designing, every minute aspect counts. A programmer has to be very careful with the use of different elements. Even a small mistake or negligence can ruin the final result. More often than not, it is observed that a lot of programmers do not pay attention to important aspects involved in web designing. Consequently they end to making some major mistakes that can have grave results. Discussed below are some of the common mistakes made by web programmers that should be avoided.

1. Not following the conventions:

What  frustrates most of the users is a website that does not adhere to proper conventions. It is not surprising to comes across many such websites where if you hover over an object that seems to be click able, you find nothing but an arrow in place of a hand pointer. Another annoying thing is the blue underlined text that should be but is not a link. Also, on most of the websites, clicking on the logo does not take them back to the homepage. A website with such a design is certainly not up to the mark and leaves visitors confused. Therefore, these mistakes should be avoided by web developers.

Important points to be kept in mind:

All clickable elements should have the pointer on rollover. This task can be easily achieved by making use of simple CSS.
Links should be styled properly. They should be easily recognizable from the regular text. They should be underlined with in the main content of the page.
Logos should be clickable. It should take the suer back to the homepage. In order to do this, you should wrap your logo in a tag.

2. No preparation for potential back-end changes:

Most of the times, web programmers program only for the site’s content at the launch time. Many developers create only CSS for website headings at the time of the launch. But they do not think of a situation where the text heading needs to be changed to 6? in such a case it would revert to the default style of the browser as the developer had not styled it initially.

How To Avoid this:

you should include styles for all the common tags. You should ensure that the design of your site is consistent with back-end formatting. You should include styles to handle different  HTML tags. You can ensure that you have all the appropriate tags by checking the WYSIWYG your website owner is using. Besides this, a programmer should also prepare for large image uploads. It may seem a trifle matter but it would be better if you can make your clients understand how to add content

3. Creating slow loading websites:

Users as well as search engines hate slow websites. Nothing frustrates them more than getting stuck on a slow loading website. According to a study, 40% users abandon a website due to slow loading. This problem can be avoided by doing some simple things. First of all, images should be re sized outside the browser. Sometimes, developers use a very large image but set the height and width. This way image shrinks to the desired size. But this method creates two problems. First, the full image still needs to load. The bigger the image files, the more would be the load time. Secondly,if you shrink the image by setting the height and width attribute, it renders the image in an awkward manner. Hence the image is displayed in the browser in an unclear manner.

To avoid this you should re size and compress images in an editor like Photoshop or Gimp. After this you should code the image. Use an external style sheet as it is easier to maintain. It will let you easily change the font size of the paragraphs in the website. And you will not need to access every HTML file for this purpose.



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