HTML5 Included in the Scope of Much Advanced Drupal 8

One of the most preferred and widely used CMS, Drupal has gone for an overhaul, yet again. While laying due stress on the mobile development of the website, the new Drupal 8 CMS web design has been developed keeping in mind a lot of its weaknesses. And if Drupal 7 was magnificent, Drupal 8 promises to be even more better. Here, we provide you with a brief overview of all the latest and new offerings of Drupal 8 CMS. Have a look.

HTML 5 Included in the doctype of Drupal:

It is pretty much clear how much importance Drupal community gives to the utilization of HTML5. The introduction of HTML5 marks the coming of age milestone in the field of website design and development. It was been aggressively supported by the giant companies like Google and Apple, as HTML5 plays a key role in making the website fully functional and compatible with the mobile screens.

Drupal development community acknowledges the same and Drupal 8 is all set to use the HTML 5 as its doctype, which presently is XHTML. Hence forth Drupal 8 will make it really easy to develop websites which works equally well on the mobile screens, as it does on the laptops and personal computers.

Jacine Luisi, who has significantly contributed towards the development of Drupal 8, particularly including HTML 5 as the doctype in the new Drupal CMS web design, has also laid down the various frontiers that will be covered in the scope of Drupal 8, especially in context with the HTML5. The initiatives are as follows:

– Make the development really advantageous for the end users.

– Simplify the elements regarding style and scripts

– Making certain that HTML5 elements are filtered at the input level and their functions are acceptable

– Re-factoring the existing CSS of Drupal and hence forth getting rid of the old bits of CSS.

Other new features in Drupal 8 CMS:

The Drupal community is not only focusing its efforts in the mobile compatible and basically the future of website development – HTML5, but has also made sure various other benefits for the users to profit from. The other changes which would be implemented in the new Drupal 8 are mentioned below:

Multiple language support –

The new Drupal CMS web design will support multiple languages. Quite unexpectedly Drupal community did not include this feature in the previous version; however, better late than never. The Drupal community has opened the Drupal CMS to all the new vistas and array of opportunities by declaring their support for multiple languages. What it means for the website designers is – firstly, they can include their designs in the Drupal community, regardless of what language they are speaking and secondly, the design that they make for various clients can include the multiple language support and hence make the website accessible by and relevant to the entire global world.

What it has for the Drupal community? They will be popular on a world wide platform and secondly the Drupal community will gain from the designs of various designers operating in different languages.

Improved usability of Drupal CMS –

Drupal had been under the ire because of its usability concerns. Making the CMS web design easy to use was a cause of concern while developing the Drupal 7 CMS and it continues to be the area of focus in the present up gradation. This time round, the tests are on to check the usability of the Drupal 8 design. The intentions are clear – make the website easy to work with by the newbie developers and also for the experienced designers.

Advanced web services –

Drupal is no doubt an impeccable platform providing web services. However, the perfection had the scope for improvement as well. With the new developments and advancements being made in the Drupal CMS web design, it is slated to utilize the functions of Representational State Transfer architecture. What it really means is that Drupal 8 will now support data and in various formats, other that the basic HTML pages.

The other formats include JSOM and XML and even other formats can be included as the time goes. The present day virtual world has increased and grown several naughts. Hence one should not presume that the regular HTML5 would be enough to cater to the growing needs of the website design and development.

More and much improved designs –

Designers shall rejoice. Drupal 8 has offered a much better improvement in the designs that it used to provide. It has made available a new Drupal theme which sure will draw more of customers and they can get a new and afresh look for their Drupal powered web application.



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