10 Step Guide to Strategically Market Your Blog Posts

In today’s time, almost everyone seems to have a blog of his own. Blogging has become an effective and interesting method of putting your point across to your audience. Be it individuals or business organizations, all make use of blogging as it provides them with a superb method of sharing information and getting their point across. Here is a 10 step guide on how to strategically market your blog posts.

1. Schedule your post instead of publishing –

It is always better to schedule posts rather than publishing them as scheduling gives you the advantage of having the chance to look over the post. You can also schedule your post to be published at midnight. This will help you out in two ways

  1. Since it is published at midnight, it has the maximum number of hours with the current date.
  2. It also gives your blog post a few ‘live-hours’. This way it can have some tweets, comments or links before it is emailed.

2. Read again –

It is very important to read your post again just after publishing it. Although the post is posted after checking for all types of errors but it is after posting that you should look out for areas if any that need further improvement. Reading the post is necessary and if you should not feel bored of doing it as it would not do justice with the post.

3. Share posts on Facebook –

when it comes to Facebook, things work in a strategic manner. Sharing your post on Facebook is not like sharing it on your personal profile where readers include only your family or friends. And they are likely to take the post in a light manner and may not pay much attention to the content. But when you post the link on Facebook, then whatever likes or comments you get indicate that these are the people who like your blog or company. Therefore, you should also add a comment that mentions the benefit of reading your post.

4. Tweet them –

Tweet your posts. It is as simple as that. However, instead of opting for an auto-tweet tool, it is better to  tweet your stuff on your own in the way that you exactly want to.

5. Set up Automatic Pinging –

In case you are not aware about what pinging is, here is a brief up- sites or platforms like Yahoo, Google etc. let you automatically ‘notify’ or ‘ping’ them whenever your site is updated with any new content. With a powerful software like WordPress, it is very easy to set up.

6. Link posts to older posts –

Although you can make your old posts receive visitors by optimizing and writing quality content but if you want to drive traffic to your newest post then you should dig into your archives and link from some relevant posts to the new post. And do not forget to have the keyword as the anchor text. This can prove to be very helpful if your post has not yet got the first comment.

7. Email Broadcast –

Is is also a good idea to email your blog post to those people who have signed up for your updates. All you need to do is to write up and send emails with a short introduction about the pot and a link to it. You can also set it up automatically with the help of a good tool.

8. Link from other sites –

You should also get links from other sites for your post. It is always good to have multiple sites as you can link between them. By linking to other sites, you are improving the traffic volume.

9. Submit posts to article directories –

If you really take blogging seriously and want to boost your SEO ranking then you must submit your blog posts to article directories. It helps in receiving a lot of traffic.

10. Always reply to the first comment –

It is not that easy to get that first comment to your post. And when you get it, you must reply to it. It shows that you listen and will also encourage others to comment.



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