Top 10 Resources to Drive Traffic to your Ecommerce website

A website is good for nothing if it does not receive a good volume of traffic. For, without traffic, there will be no visitors and without visitors there will be no sales. An ecommerce store should receive a good volume of traffic to ensure that it is able to generate good sales. If you are planning for ecommerce web development, it is important to incorporate some of the important resources which help in driving traffic to your ecommerce website. Mentioned below are the top 10 resources that will help to drive traffic to your ecommerce store.

1. Google Adwords:

Google adwords is the largest pay per click platform. The fact that Google has the largest network if websites in the world as publishers and advertisers, ensure that you get a great exposure by launching an adwords campaign. You ads will appear on places like Amazon, YouTube, and other big sites on the web.

2. Comparison shopping website:

When it comes to purchasing things online, people love to compare first and try to find the best price. BizRate, Nextag etc. are some of the sites which provide a pay-per-click platform to add your products to their database and thus help in driving traffic back to your site. It also helps in improving the conversion rate.

3. Microsoft Adcenter:

Now that Bing is working well, its exposure has doubled and this pay-per-click can prove to be a great way to generate traffic. You ads will appear on Bing for your selected keywords.

4. YouTube:

Although many people feel that YouTube is of no great help in driving traffic to an ecommerce website, but fact is that it can be really helpful. YouTube receives traffic in millions everyday and videos on it are watched every second. You just need to create quality videos of your products and add a link to the description with your link.

5. Display advertising:

With the help of display advertising, you can not only drive more traffic to your site, but it also adds to the brand value of your site.

6. Include search engine friendly features:

A search engine friendly site is definitely going to receive good amount of traffic. To make your site SEO friendly, you should include title tags and header tags. Include keywords in the title tag. Do not over use the keywords as it can lead to flagging of your site. Use keywords in the text area of each page.

7. Offer free e-book:

Offer a free e-book or a report card on your site. It should cater to your clients. You should also let your clients to forward the e-book to others.

8. Include a good payment gateway:

For an ecommerce website, it is imperative to have a good payment gateway which is easy to use and offers good security to protect the sensitive information provided by your clients.

9. Have fresh and quality content:

Your ecommerce website should have the fresh and relevant content. Also, keep updating the content on a regular basis. You can also write quality articles and post them to your ecommerce site.

10. Send out Press Releases:

You should always send our press releases to your clients, media and other associates whenever there is an important event going to take place. It will keep people informed about your business and if you have anything new or exciting to offer.

These are the top 10 resources which can help you to enhance the efficacy of your ecommerce solution by bringing more traffic to your site. Always ensure that you have a quality ecommerce solution which is capable of providing you with the latest features and a robust functionality so as to survive in today’s highly competitive domain. And by including the above mentioned resources you can easily enhance the productivity of your website and make it generate more profit for your online business.


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