Is Open Source Ecommerce the Right Choice for Online Store Development?

This is the age of technology and technology has made inroads in almost every aspect of our lives. Technological advancements have certainly made our lives much simpler. When it comes to shopping, we have tons of ecommerce stores to help us buy any product without leaving our homes. In today’s time, it has become mandatory for every business organization to have an ecommerce store. It not only helps in expanding the business, but also provides much better chances of the growth and success and of your business. Considering this, many business organizations across the world are opting for ecommerce website development.
Fortunately there is no dearth of good ecommerce solutions. But is an open source ecommerce a right choice for your online store development? Read further to find out. An open source ecommerce solution can be used by anyone and everyone. It is available for all to download and use. Oscommerce and Magento are two of the most popular open source ecommerce development solutions. Both of these solutions offer a wide range of features and have their own set of benefits to offer. With the help of these open source solutions, you can easily create an online store for your business.

These open source solutions provide you with good customization features to produce a full fledged and a fully functional online shopping store with all the requisite features and a user friendly navigation. There are other open source ecommerce technologies like X-Cart and Zen Cart which allow the user to personalize the shopping carts.

Like any other ecommerce solution, an open source solution also offers a whole range of features. You can add content like articles, blogs etc.  you also get a full control over all the departments of your online store. You get to have plethora of interesting features that help you in enhancing the merchandising and promotions of your business. With an efficient online store for your business at your disposal, you can automate the business processing thereby making the process even faster with much more reliability. It also brings in more productivity and profits for your business.

Another great feature about open source ecommerce solutions is that these have a huge developer community. The communities provide you with the constant updates and also keep updating the software to remove glitches, add new features and functionality, also a 24*7 technical support. The best thing is that all this comes for free. And even if there is a cost involved in any open source developing tool, it is really small and affordable. Thus all you have got to do is to spend on its production and hosting cost. Thus opting for an open source solution is quite lucrative and is an inexpensive way to start a business.

Magento, a popular open source solution has some really amazing features to offer. Magento development offers a multiple language and a multiple currency support. This augurs well for a business. It means that a business organization can expand its base and can reach out to international customers without worrying about the language barrier. It also supports multiple currencies which will ensure that your international customers will not face any trouble while making a transaction.

It also has multiple payment gateways. Through a payment gateway, customers can transfer a sum for the product which he or she intends to buy. In today’s technology dominated time, there are many options available like PayPal, iPayment, 2Checkout etc. which offer a secure and a reliable transaction process. When it comes to furnishing your store with attractive product catalogs, the open source solutions offer product catalog management feature. You can easily add new items, remove or edit the existing ones. You can have unlimited number of items and varieties in your product catalog.

Good visibility and a good search engine ranking are must to survive and stay ahead in the competition. These open source solutions provide an search engine friendly solution thereby enhancing your site’s chances of success and growth.


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